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Treatment with TAT

Are you having a hard time?

Do you feel stuck? Do you suffer from a physical or emotional problem? Do you suffer from other difficulties?

TAT, which was developed about twenty years ago, can help cure a multitude of problems.


Eleazar Spetter, an experienced professional trainer, tells us about it.


Chava Spetter suffered from post-natal depression for thirty-three years. The birth exhausted her and depleted her joie de vivre. For the next thirty-three years she was sure that there was no way to escape from her sad situation – until her husband, Eleazar, who already had a degree in social counseling and was a licensed therapist in various fields, heard about TAT. They joined forces, and together were able to treat Chava’s depression through TAT and to restore her happiness and joie de vivre.

They later realized that this was their shlichut, their life purpose – to assist others, both in Israel and overseas, and to help them out of difficult situation, traumas and sicknesses. To this end, they established their clinic twelve years ago and have not looked back since.

Listening to Feelings

TAT, the technique with which Eleazar and Chava treat their patients, was developed approximately 20 years ago in California by a Jewish woman, and to date she has cured people from a variety of conditions, including emotional difficulties, traumas, phobias, problems within the home or at school, attention deficiency and even emotional problems and sicknesses.

“The technique is based on the idea that every problem stems from some kind of trauma that a person has experienced at some time during his or her life”, explains Eleazar. “Even if it seems that the trauma has been forgotten, it has been engraved in the subconscious. Every single cell in our bodies is able to remember and feel it. Ultimately, there are people among us with feelings that, over the years, have built up (even if they are unaware of the fact) until a kind of fuse blows in their bodies. This can happen most unexpectedly and at most inopportune times. They flood the person with memories and affect his quality of life. The only way that these fuses can be repaired is through activating the correct energy, and that is exactly what our technique is based on.”

How Does the Technique Work?

“TAT is a technique through which the patient is asked to think about the difficulties he experiences. During the treatment, the patient lightly touches five points in the head area – two at the back of the head, the eyes and the forehead. This is essential for the treatment to work, since energies pass through these points. At the same time, the therapist leads the patient through a process of different sentences, which the patient thinks about. Step by step, the patient is released from the feelings that are related to the oppressive or burdensome memories, and after the negative feelings disappear, so does the difficulty.”

Spetter adds that what is so special about this technique is that one does not have to open up and relate the problem in detail. It is enough to note the general direction with one or two words – it is enough that the patient knows what worries him, and the healing will be effective. This may also be the reason that a course of treatments with this technique is usually far shorter than treatment with a psychologist, which can often take a long time. As one patient said, “I went to a psychologist for years, and through him I was able to pinpoint the problem and be aware of it. Through TAT, I learned how to solve the problem.”

“And this is our aim”, says Spetter with satisfaction, “We want to teach people a way through which they will succeed in making their lives better and more enjoyable, and most important, there is no need to suffer. One can be released from every problem.”


For those who think that the technique sounds a little bizarre or impossible, Spetter says that more than a few of his patients were skeptic. “People are accustomed to the fact that when you are sick, you go to a doctor and he gives you a medicine or pills that help you get better, but this is exactly the point – the doctor only treats the external symptoms, and to treat the root of the problem, one must give a far deeper treatment – to thoughts and feelings – and this is what we offer with TAT.” TAT, as one can see, does wonders.

Spetter shows us a letter that he received just last week from a past patient who had problems in shalom bayit. In his letter, the man describes the unbearable difficulties that he suffered in his marriage for twelve years. “During those years I looked for books on the subject, and I visited psychologists and consultants. I learned something from everyone, but the problem was never really solved. It was hard, and I suffered every day. Providence led me to Eleazar Spetter. I have to admit that while we were doing it, I was very skeptic. I felt as though he was playing with my real feelings, but when he said that it was all over, that it was finished and that I was cured, I looked at him as though he was out of his mind. What did he mean that it’s all over, etc? After I had returned home, I thought to myself, “Nu, another kind of therapy”. I considered it all nonsense. However, to my surprise, I noticed that things have changed completely at home. After a few weeks, I found that I have really changed and the domestic issues were resolved. It seems like magic, but it was so powerful that I could not deny it. “מה אשיב לה’ כל תגמולוהי עלי” – How can I repay the Lord for all of his goodness to me? And you, Rav Eleazar were the emissary to implement it.

 A Successful Method

This moving letter is one of the hundreds of cases that Eleazar Spetter has cured, and his clinic is full of letters from patients who tell of many complex situations that the method has helped.

Take for example Naphtali: “I am allergic to many foods and also sensitive to chemicals
and environmental factors. For years I felt really ill, I could be not be close to fuel, the fumes from of cars passing on the road made me sick and cleaning supplies and soaps bothered me. Since the treatment with TAT in my life has changed. I can eat dairy products and fill the car with gas. I pass by the cleaning materials in the supermarket without suffering.”

Gabriel, a young man had also been treated using TAT. “My problem was lack of confidence that stemmed from childhood traumas. I had a very hard time, and I could not even make the blessings over the wine out loud. Since I had treatment with TAT, I am surprised to see that my character has simply changed, and I am not the same person I was previously. Now I can continue my life with joy, optimism and much more hope. ”

* Eleazar Spetter’s clinic is located near Mea Shearim in Jerusalem, but people flock to him from all over the country. Mr. Spetter holds workshops where one can learn and master TAT. His wife, Chava, has also studied the technique and treats women.

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