About Eliezer and Chava

About Eliezer and Chava

About Eliezer & Chava

I would like to introduce myself.

If I were asked to describe myself I would say I am a Shaliach to help people to free themselves – with the help of Hashem – from the personal and inner hardships they suffer in their lives. I arrived at this work not of my own choosing; rather it came about through the circumstances of my life. I have been working with these methods for a number of years.

I brought TAT and EmoTranceT to Israel . I learnt the TAT, EFT, NLP and EmoTranceT methods in Holland , England , the US and Israel , in addition to studying counseling and social work.

I started with counseling in 1972 and then I began searching for ways to help others. Other methods require many treatments over long periods with little improvement.

I searched for something that would help speedily and effectively.I work now with four kinds of techniques. Three of them are energy based (EFT, TAT & EmoTranceT and NLP). Through my work, I have seen how people change; sometimes it is miraculous to see how beautifully these energies work. For example, when you see the improvement in learning of school or Yeshiva students, or when you see that it brings Shalom Bayit to a home. It is always a good feeling to thank Hashem for this great help and tool.

The first method I discovered was NLP. This method taught me how to show people a “model” that will help them recover. Via the other methods, TAT, EFT and EmoTranceT, I became aware of the energy in the human body and how to utilize it. I utilize techniques and work methods that can help people in a very short amount of time, even in just a few hours. I instruct and coach. People come to me and I teach them how they can help themselves and find relief.

There is a myriad of topics that people want to deal with, but find difficult to talk about. With my methods, it is unnecessary to discuss every detail; a word or two in the general direction suffices. I teach the person to help himself, so that it is enough that he himself knows what is bothering him.

With the methods EFT, TAT and EmoTranceT, many people say that after treatment they feel more balanced, more faith, more tranquility and more in control of anger. If I ask people how important personal health is for them, the answer I mainly get is that it is more important that their children get what they need but that, concerning themselves, Hashem takes care of them. This is not the right attitude. The healthier (physically and spiritually) you are, the better your children will learn in school or yeshiva, will do better Mitzvot and will daven better. So many times I hear teenagers who do not like or even hate their parents, and, as a result, they learn less and hate to learn. One’s youth creates the basis for the rest of his life. If you experienced a lot of problems in your youth, it will reflect in your daily life, marriage, Avodat Hashem, etc. This is why I work a lot with children and adults to clean out the bad experiences (traumas) they went through.

From my life:

Following the births of our children, my wife Chava went into post-natal depression that lasted for over thirty years. At that time I worked as a salesman. I was anxious for her health and therefore I decided to study counseling to find a way to help her out of her depression. I was looking for techniques that could heal her. First I studied social work and then branched out to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). I worked with her a lot through NLP, but still she was trapped in her depression.

In the year 2000, Don Blackerbee from NLP told me to call Gary Craig who convinced me to try EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). I bought his videos and saw Tapas and her demonstration. This is what pushed me into TAT.

Chava and I worked on her problems and subsequently, after more than 30 years, she was healed from her depression – just through TAT.


About four years ago Chava caught CMV, or Cytomegalovirus, a virus, something like chronic fatigue syndrome. She was told that this is something that you could not really heal from that easily. She was in the bed with pains throughout the day. Two friends who visited her told her, “No one understands our disease. If you need me call me so we can talk about our disease. I can support and encourage you because I understand what you are going through”.

I did not want to hear of this, so the first thing I asked her was, “Why don’t you want to heal?” Chava did not want to do TAT. “Just leave me alone.” she said. She had terrible pains. Every day I would try to find out why she refused to heal and why she wanted to hold on to the disease. Finally she gave in and we did TAT on each belief we could think of that may have stopped her healing process.

Every day we worked either on the pain or on the thought that came up. The pains were travelling through her body and each day a different part of her body hurt her. The sentences we used were something like: “Everything that caused …. (this back pain)… happened”, but every day it was different.

Every day, Chava would analyze her situation and then we would do TAT on what was there. She was healed of the virus after eight months of work with TAT, but both of her friends are still suffering from CMV and do not want to hear of a cure through TAT – their conditions are simply getting worse.

Chava is working now with me in our private TAT practice. She is in great health.

TAT is so beautiful. You just need to try it on every hardship you have.

TAT is just simple and easy.


If you are emotionally and spiritually clean you will become a better person for the people around you, your family and for Hashem. During my many years of counseling and working with people, I learned a very important thing: just by talking and reviewing the problem or trauma, you do not release yourself from the trauma; you only learn to cope with it. Now Hashem has given us these energy techniques that really work, they actually clean you and give you the peace and tranquility that you have longed for.

I teach them to you so you can use them at home; you are in no way dependent on me. Actually, my dream is that every Jew will know these techniques and use them. I have received the approvals, blessings and even recommendation letters of great Rabbonim. I have even worked with Rabbonim of all kinds of backgrounds and taught several of them these techniques.

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