Abuse and Traumas

A year ago you came to me in terrible shape, full of traumas; you couldn’t feel your body, your emotions were indistinct, you were in difficult shape, very weak, very weepy and unsettled.

I felt nothing at all, like I was disconnected to my body.

And your suffering manifested itself in what way?

I suffered beatings from my father and mother, from the family and people around me, mostly from my father and mother, who would insult me. I hated myself.

And how is the situation now?

Now, after I got married and divorced, and returned to live in my parents’ house, my coping is changed and stronger with my parents, and I feel more physical sensation, more refinement, more focused. I am more able to be free.

And how is your stomach?

I suffered from my intestines and from gas. Now that has greatly improved; it’s all better. I used to have bloating and fears that centered in my stomach, and now that’s much better.

We still need to work on some things because we haven’t finished, but meanwhile you are in a much better situation now.

I feel that I received a new life. I used to want to be a stone, I wanted to die. I’m not saying that there haven’t been some regressions, there have been, but now I know that life can be different. Thank you.

Traumas from Physical Violence

“Can you tell me what happened to you?”


“Can you tell me what he did, was it a punishment?”


“What were you beaten with?”

“Sticks. Cords. Electrical wires”.

“You also said shoes. What else?”

” Lot ‘s of punishments. Lot ‘s of trauma. We had a lot of trauma”.

“A lot of pain?”



“In the lower abdomen”.

“And now the pain is gone?”

“Totally. Less pain, no pain at all”.

“And how do you feel now?”


“Have you anything to add?”

“It’s better than before. Thank you”.

“You’re welcome” .

Very severe physical and emotional abuse in my childhood

I would be sorely amiss if I didn’t write to thank you deeply for the amazing TAT treatments I’ve received from you.

Coming from a childhood of very severe physical and emotional abuse and seeking any help to live normally.

Years of excellent “talk” therapy i.e. psychotherapy was extremely helpful though the images in my mind, the verbal message destroying my self esteem, the fear of inadequacy, the fear of seeing my husband remove his belt so so many messages that were – they are no longer thanks to you. Thanks to your method – Excellent. Direct to the issues, fast. Excellent, excellent perfect rescue! And freedom of the emotional pain.

Thank you, Thank you.


After the first treatment, those symptoms that we worked on did not return. Wonder of wonders. And after the second treatment, the negative feelings and fears did not return either.

The treatment works, cleans the past and the present of fear and the negative feelings that accompany it.

The difficulties included fear of my husband, my parents, my children, and physical, emotional and verbal violence.

We worked on digestion. Since the births of  my children, I had suffered from digestive problems and could not eat certain foods that caused me problems.

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