TAT and Business

Dear Eliezer,

I would like to thank you for your intervention on my behalf. Before I found you, I was unable to work.

I manage a business, but due to panic attacks I was unable to work, and could not take care of the business.

After a round of treatments, I was thankfully able to return to work, and was able to function even better than before the attacks occurred.

I am eternally grateful to you and that you were a faithful emissary in Hashem’s work.

May Hashem merit you your true reward.

All the best,

D. A.

TAT Can help You With Your Business

To Dear Rav Eliezer Spetter,

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful, gentle treatment through TAT.

I suffered from low self-esteem and extreme confusion, and was unsuccessful in business. After five sessions with Rav Eliezer Spetter, I can say that one does not really feel the effect of the treatment during the sessions themselves, but looking back, I see that I have been able to climb that same mountain that I was so scared of. I have overcome obstacles, and anything that troubled me in the past seems amusing today. I can hardly believe that I suffered so much.

I was also stuck at work. I would work long hours and did not earn well. I had many doubts and internal conflicts. I was at a loss as what to do. After the treatments things changed. I now work with direction and clear aims, and am able to earn and enjoy the money.

Thank you.

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