Certification Program of TAT®

Certification Program of TAT®

Certification Program

TAT Certification Program

The following workshops are requisite for the TAT Licensing Program

1.TAT Basic Course
2.Advanced and Proficiency Workshop (Practicing Presence )
3.Workshop – Training for Work with Clients

    These workshops will be separate for men and for women.
    The licensing workshops are two-day workshops to be held between 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. . There will be a break of one to two months between each workshop.
    The course will comprise these three workshops to be held over approximately six months.

    in jerusalem

    A new TAT group for women in Jerusalem will begin on
     6-7/6/2018 כג -כד סיוון

    The new group for men will meet in Jerusalem on
     27-28/6/2018 יד-טו תמוז

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    Those interested in participating can contact us at   054-7638010 (Chavah)

    Testimonies of patient

    It is our pleasure to invite you a series of three workshops to help you learn TAT and hone your skills

    The First Workshop

    This introductory workshop will provide you with the basics of TAT to enable you to work on yourself in the comfort of your own home. We will learn how TAT works with the help of demonstrations and group TAT so that by the end of the workshop you will know how to work on traumas, including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), how to deal with false thoughts and beliefs, and troubling feelings and emotions. You will know what to do to clear blocks when something seems stuck, working with parts of the body and soul. Other aspects of our work will deal with healing allergies, preparation for pregnancy and birth through TAT,  money matters that interfere with life, and our special method for shalom bayit.

    Our Second workshop – Practicing Presence

    At the Practicing Presence Workshop, you’ll develop your own skills in one of the most important parts of practicing TAT – being present! We’ll talk about what being present really means and what stands in the way of being present; we’ll do TAT as a group, in pairs, and individually to clear many common blocks to being present. Not only will your professional practice benefit from taking this course, but it will also help open the way to being more present in all aspects of your life and death, especially in enhancing your relationships.

    The Practicing Presence workshop will help you:

    • Gain listening and communication skills
    • Increase personal presence
    • Enhance love and compassion
    • Treat children with ADD/ADHD
    • Perform surrogate treatments

    Demonstrations and group TAT healing sessions are also part of the Practicing Presence Workshop.

    The third workshop is for those of you who have more experience

    The workshop concentrates on the professional aspects of TAT – how to set up a TAT business and how to behave as a TAT practitioner. We will teach you two ways of setting up a professional session, how to introduce TAT to your client and how to act under different circumstances. You will learn how to deal with a number of aspects of treatment for both physical and emotional conditions such as bereavement or a long history of traumas, the use of TAT after a terror attack, how to work with clients from abused backgrounds, how to work with cancer and cancer patients, weight loss and eating disorders, and genetics and DNA/RNA. We will also continue to instruct you regarding treatment methods for use in your professional practice:

    • What to do when the problem is really stuck and nothing is healing; when a client does not want to forgive or his parts refuse to cooperate.
    • What to do when client does not feel well on the end of a session or gets emotional and out of control.
    • The aspects of bundling and when not to bundle.
    • What to do when running out of time.
    • What to do when a person get glassy-eyed and vacant?
    • How to work with people who have a “dibuk” or an attached being or are bothered by wandering spirits.
    • Cautions for the professional in dealing with his clients.

    The workshop will also discuss the effect of TAT on the home, on plants and animals, collective memories, and the hologram effect, and the subject of the effects of pregnancy and birth on a fetus and a baby, and brit milah for the baby boy.

    We put a special emphasis on our technique dealing with how to bring back people who have left the derech.

    Demonstrations and group TAT healing sessions are also part of this workshop and there is always plenty of time for the many questions that our advanced students may have about many more issues.

    You are invited to contact us to enroll in our workshops

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    Those interested in participating can contact us at  054-7638010 (Chavah)

    Eliezer Spetter and Tapas Fleming

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