Difficulty in Finding a Mate

Difficulty in Finding a Mate


I would never have thought about the possibility of marriage

Dear Chava,

I would like to say some few words of thanks and summarize the treatment sessions I had with you.

I came for treatment after I realized that I was stuck in one place and not progressing despite any desire I may have had. I had many ambitions but I knew that the past was keeping me back and I just could not get ahead. I knew that I took responsibility for everything happening around me and eventually got upset because I was not appreciated enough; I was nervous and sad most of the time. Your method of treatment, TAT, helped me break free of past experiences, to learn not to feel responsible for everything, and take with me only those things I really need. I learned that I don’t need to re-experience traumas and negative experiences from the past, and that G-d is the greatest healer and that everything we have or do is from Him.

Later I began to feel a change. I saw that I was much more relaxed, happy and felt lighter. I was able to progress and soon I’m getting married, ב”ה. A few months ago, I would never have thought about the possibility of marriage. I just was not emotionally ready, but after the sessions with you I was able to cut loose!

Thank God, and thanks to you, today I am in a much better and healthier place.

There are no words that can express my appreciation! You were a faithful emissary from G-d and he shall reciprocate.

Thank you.


Difficulty finding a mate (shidduch)


I wanted to thank you very much for the dedicated treatment that I received from you. I was in a very serious personal crisis. I suffered from fear from men due to my sister’s divorce. Fear of marriage because of the things that I heard from her; my sister talked to me all the time about marriage and presented such a very negative picture that I did not want to contemplate marriage myself. I simply refused to go out and refused all matches offered!

With G-d’s help I heard about Mr Eliezer Spetter and began to go for treatment. In the beginning, it was very difficult and during the first treatments I just cried and cried. All the traumas and negativity unearthed freely. After two months, I felt wonderful and two weeks later I went out on a date with a wonderful man.

Two months later we were married and I am very, very happy and love my husband very much.Today, thanks to TAT, I’m married!

Mr Spetter, you were simply a saving angel who got me out of the difficult position I was in.

I warmly recommend that anyone who has some kind of problem, a trauma or fear should immediately turn to you,  Mr Spetter, for treatment.

With the help of TAT  all the problems and traumas in the world are taken out of the body and the soul.

I want to thank you over and over again for the dedicated treatment and support that you gave me. Thank you!!

Thank you very much and congratulations both from me and my husband.

G-d bless you with all the blessings written in the Torah!




Building a new, strong, personality and finding my true wife with TAT


Continuing my story and the amazing change in me since I met Eliezer, I would like to tell how the tools and the methods that I acquired from him help me daily.

During the initial period with Eliezer, he worked mainly with the release and cleansing of traumas that had been present since an early age and which I had carried with me throughout my adolescence and during my military service. Later on, during the past years, we concentrated on building a new, strong, personality who is able to confront with difficulties. Eliezer’s unique method has proved itself over time, especially when dealing with traumas and difficulties which have accumulated over the years.

This gradual process was especially important in order to successfully create stability for the rest of my life. Those changes I can see today, in all of those areas where I had difficulties – in forming new contacts, getting jobs, dealing with day to day matters and in my relationships with others.

The main issue with which I have dealt with lately and, Thank G-d, have succeeded, was in finding a partner for life and building a home with her. The journey was not easy due to the long and winding road that I had trodden, and I had no idea what kind of woman would be suitable. I was very mixed up due to a former relationship and had had a hard time letting go. Sometimes I felt that I rejection from women who were not interested in me. Later I would go on dates and not be able to concentrate on one particular person. Eliezer helped me get over the girl to whom I was still emotionally connected and to concentrate on the new relationship.

Thank G-d, I was able to overcome difficulties and problems that arose at the beginning of the relationship, and today I am happily married to a wonderful woman.

If I were to summarize the many years in which I have known Eliezer, I can say that I have become a different person, and my recent marriage has brought me to a new goal in life in building a warm home through mental stability and self fulfillment. The tools which I acquired through my meetings with Eliezer will be utilized in any difficulty or problem that may arise along the way, a route which is now clear, paved, and full of joy.




Hard work with TAT has given me a husband


netI came to you in a confused state. I am in my late 30’s. I am unable to show my feelings. I cannot marry because nobody wants me. I have to hide who I am. As a child I was considered weird. I am afraid to marry and to become a mother. Marriage and gehenom (hell) go together and I was afraid of intimacy. I am very frustrated, my mother never loved me or hugged me, and I am deeply hurt about that.

I hated my mother but I could not leave her because she is a widow and she needs me. My youth was a traumatic experience with shoutings and beatings.

Then I came to Chava Spetter and started to work with TAT. After half a year of hard work I felt a lot better and I could let my mother go. I became more peaceful and self secure, and thanks to all of this I am married now. I feel great with my mother now.



Preparation for Marriage


I came to Chava because of my fear of intimacy. I am soon to get married and I was afraid to open myself and become closer to him or to anyone.

My parents are divorced and during the TAT all the traumas from their divorce came up. I never was touched physically by my parents. We worked on all the problems that came up concerning all of this.

Now I feel fine with myself and feel that I am open to receive my future husband. Soon we will be married.

Thank you Chava, and Hashem, for TAT and your patience with me.





Finally Ready for Marriage



A few months ago I felt stuck in a number of areas. One of the main issues was marriage.

I am single, twenty-eight years of age, and in the past I have experienced more than a few disappointments in relationships with men and I never managed to understand why and the root of the problem.

I heard about Eliezer Spetter and his method. Thank G-d I tried it. It did wonders.

Within less than two months a number of issues that were stuck improved immensely and became insignificant. Among those were my relationship with my parents, self-confidence, my feelings towards marriage, and others.

Now I feel that I want to get married.

I must add that I have now begun a relationship with a young man and this relationship is different to any that I had before the treatment. As far as I am concerned, I am willing to get married and feel no restrictions.

In addition. I have had a driving license for a number of years but was too scared to drive. Two treatments with Eliezer sufficed and I began to drive alone. Since then my confidence in my driving has only improved.

Thank you so much Eliezer Spetter. You are a saint and emissary and helped me to get over my problems.




Hard time finding a husband


To Dear Chava,


Today, Thank G-d, I am a married woman, expecting a baby. When we first met two years ago this was something that I couldn’t even dream about.

Thank you and Eliezer for your devoted treatment, for my progress, for your devotion and your desire for my success.

When we first met, I was in my late thirties. I was having a hard time finding a husband. Everyone else was married, and I was left alone.

I was full of feelings of guilt and frustration, and had reached a point where I did not believe that I could change things.

Thank G-d, I was fortunate to find my soul mate, but after some time it became clear that I was unable to get pregnant. I underwent many difficult treatments.

At one point, I again approached Chava and together we worked on more unsolved matters… I was soon expecting a baby.

I would like to add that the pleasant feelings that came across during the TAT treatments enabled me to open up and talk truthfully about the most unpleasant things that had happened to me, about what I really felt.

Thank G-d, people now consider me a walking miracle – they did not believe that I would ever marry…

Happy Pesach


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