Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

F.A.Q.  – Frequently asked questions

How many appointments do I need?
It depends upon the problems- between 1 and 30 meetings of 50 minutes each session.

If we have worked through a problem, does the trauma ever come back?
No; done is done. Sometimes a new aspect can come up that we have not worked on.

Is it harmful?
No, it is very healthy. You gain strength with it.

What does a meeting look like?
Like a conversation, during which you learn the technique yourself using your own life problems.

Do you need to know all the details of a trauma?
No. One small detail is enough!

Is talking about a trauma not enough?
No, by talking alone the negative feelings do not disappear, they only disappear by the energies you use on it!

Do you work with men or women?
I work with men, women, and children.

What do you do with learning problems?
First of all, I help you to stop your learning traumas.Then I will give you new learning skills and techniques.

You are saying that energies that you use in this technique will end negative feelings and traumas. How do you do that?
By holding certain spots on your body and sometimes tapping on them.

But there are some traumas that I have which are very hard for me to talk about. What should I do?
You do not need to talk about them. We can work on them anyhow.

Tell me a good reason why I should come to you. What is so special about your techniques that I will not receive with other help?
When you come to me, you get two things:
1) your traumas and fears are healed
2) you go home with a self-help technique you can use the rest of your life. (This self-help technique can be used on almost anything, any problem, because it will not harm or hurt).

How do you work , when a person  does not want to talk or does not know?

Sometimes we group several traumas together so we can work on much at the same time.

Sometimes the person does not want to tell me what the trauma was about and still we can work on it.

Sometimes a person cannot express himself and still we can work on it. We can work on every problem or trauma you have (incl udi ng improving midot, davening and learning.

Sometimes I will cover a few periods of someone’s life in one time.

There are also those little incidents in everyone’s life that repeat themselves. They are not what you would call “trauma”; however, they do have ingredients that are also present in a real trauma like: anger, hurt, frustration, pain, emotional distress, etc. Take for instance an angry person. A lot of events in his childhood (up to 16yrs old) have frustrated him. Today he gets angry about almost anything and it is not a normal anger – it is an outburst.

When he gets angry today, all the little angry events are also speaking up. When we – by means of these techniques – clean up all of those negative events out of his childhood, he will be another person, a more peaceful person.

In other words: TAT, EFT and EmoTranceT are techniques you can use for ANY problem you have. Just call me for a personal meeting or training.

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