Unable to sleep

When I was in the fourth grade, I went away for Shabbat. I could not fall asleep all night.

Since then I was a changed person. I could not sleep away from home; I could not even travel far from my home, and as time went on the situation just got worse and there were nights when I couldn’t sleep at all.

I would walk around the house, backwards and forwards, crying, scared to go to bed. My whole life changed.

I told my eldest sister about it and she wanted to help me.

This went on for about four years. The slightest change in my timetable would cause unexplained fears. I did not know if I could continue; I was desperate.

Until my sister informed me that she had found someone who could help me.

I arrived at Chava’s, desperate and despairing, and she was able to release me from my situation. She succeeded in changing me and my whole life.

Today there is nothing left of the fear or the panic.

I heartily recommend this treatment that can change one’s life.

Thank you, G-d, for sending me the right emissaries, and thank you, Chava, for helping me so much and for changing my life.

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