Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

What is real marriage counseling? Which is the best? What is it? How does it work?

Most people go to marriage counseling to discuss problems in their marriage, with each other, to solve the problems and to get great advice. People look for the best counselors to get the best advice. But how many great marriage counselors with a lot of experience are out there?

I say not to go to a marriage counselor because you’ll get only advice that you do not need.

What you need is HEALING

What do I mean by all this? You go to a marriage counselor and then return with his or her advice; what do you do with it? Are you going to practice what he suggested? Not many people are able to do that. Why not?

Because underneath of all your hardships you have hidden behaviors learned in your childhood. You and your spouse have subsequently traumatized each other in your fights and behavioral and personality traits; you have bad memories from your childhoods, remembering how your parents behaved towards each other. Now, in your own marriage, you are behaving exactly as they did so many years ago – and there are always more issues you cannot get rid of.

Why does advice hardly help? Does it help at all? I claim that you need to heal your behavioral traits and memories. Healing is something that happens not through advice, but is a natural process beginning inside. When you heal these behaviors and memories through TAT, it is as though they are changing naturally and positively since the source of the problems is healed. This means that you have changed and that the healing that influences your marriage will happen naturally, leaving nothing more to be irritated.

We, Eliezer and Chavah, have been married for almost 47 years, and have been working with TAT for 18 of them. At a crucial point in our lives together, we were able to save and rebuild our marriage. Yes, we know what we are talking about. We have a lot of experience, and the great thing about our sessions dealing with people and their marriages is that we work on your healing. We are not here to give you advice.

We have seen how TAT can help to heal, save and rebuild your marriage. We want to give you the best.

Our answer to marriage counseling is Marriage Healing.

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