I suffered from depression because of Obsession 

Approximately a year ago, realized that I had obsessive thoughts – delusive thought patterns that would not leave me, and with which I had to deal every single moment of the day.

As a result of these thoughts, I was suffered from depression, a lack of motivation to live and to get on with my life. I almost did not believe that I could ever do what I always dreamed to do – to marry and raise a family.

When I realized that something was wrong, I began treatment through a method that helped me feel very good during the sessions, but nothing beyond that.

About six months later, I heard about Eliezer and TAT. I realized that in order to deal with the problem I must find its root and work on it methodically.

From the first treatment I understood that this was a real and deep-rooted system, and due to consistent and focalized treatments, I slowly understood how I must confront the unwanted thoughts. I understood that thoughts do not just disappear, but the way of dealing with them has to change. From week to week the thoughts became less and less obsessive and some of them even evaporated. I learnt how to deal with my shortcomings, to give them a place and to accept them – to live in peace and in happiness, to love life and to continue to strive onward and upward.

Eliezer and TAT gave me a simple tool that I can utilize anywhere and at any time, a tool that changed my life completely.

“He who saves one Jewish life saves an entire world”.

Thank you.

Obsession ruined my life

I had a good life, almost perfect, until I exposed and was able to admit a certain problem that I had. This was an extremely serious problem that was very hard to deal with.

My whole quality of life, my vitality and the good that I saw in everything all dissipated in one moment. A dark curtain covered my previously happy life. I felt that there was no reason to continue  to aspire to higher things, to want anything, to exist – there was nothing left to live for.

I came to you after treatments that had helped me talk about what I was going through, but that did not give me simple, basic tools, a means that could  help me function and help me cope.

When I came to you I was at my lowest. I felt that I could not get any lower, especially as I felt that there was no way that I could solve the problem, that there was no treatment for me.

From the moment that you connected my condition to the experience with my father, I understood that this treatment has some truth to it, and every single session revealed a new part of me and a new way for me to cope.

The treatment continued until we found the key to my problem – maybe nothing very new on the surface, but something that revealed itself as a result of a long, intense and meaningful process and that turned around my whole way of thinking.

I went back to being my own, happy and lively self, a complete person.

Of course the final healing came from Hashem, and Hashem has emissaries in who do His will, who do as He bids. It is not always that one is lucky enough to find one’s true emissary, and so I must thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for being a true and faithful emissary, for listening, for your patience, for your sensitivity and wisdom.

That you for making me feel that I am okay, that I am alright and that I don’t need to change anything in myself.

Thank you for being so patient with me, even when you kept on having to go back to the same point.

Thank you for letting me see the light that was hidden in the darkness.

Thank you for giving me back the ability to wish and to dream.

Thank you for helping me change my life.

I wish you many more years of meaningful work, that you save many more lost souls and direct them to peace and joy, and that you have only happiness and satisfaction in your life.

Thank you.

I suffered from negative forbidden thoughts

Dear Chava,

The truth is that words cannot express mental salvation.

I suffered strange and forbidden negative thoughts for many, many years and which became more frequent as time went on. It was hard to believe that I could be saved from them, and I was scared that, G-d forbid, they would get even worse.

With the help of the merciful G-d and through the journey that I experienced with you and TAT, I slowly found that of most of my troubles stemmed from lack of belief in G-d and His unconditional love for me. I lacked the trust that He bestows only good, and needed to realize that He gives unconditionally, that I need to accept myself without judging each and every thing that I do and not feel guilty for everything step that I make.

Reinforcement through TAT helped me integrate the positive thoughts in my subconscious so that the small rays of light were able to extinguish the darkness within. Consequently, I was able to see myself and my surroundings in a more loving and less judgmental manner, which also helped relaxed me and enabled me to allow His everlasting love fill me…

Thank you so much Hashem, and thank you Chava

Anxiety, fears and underlying Obsessive thoughts

Thanks: one word that says a lot

Thanks: to G-d who sent you to help me heal

Thanks: that after each and every treatment I could see the light

Thanks: for not only treating me but for being sensitive and empathic

Thanks: for the consideration and the understanding regarding the cost of the treatments

Thanks: for allowing me to see that life can be without anxiety, fears and underlying thoughts

I am so happy to have had you, a kind and good-hearted person as my TAT therapist, and I will recommend you to others whenever I can.

My life has changed for the good within a short time due to your patience.

There is no doubt that you are heaven sent, just as your name suggests – Eli (my G-d) Ozer (is my help).

I would like to wish you, your wife and your family a Happy and Sweet New Year, a year of growth, health, riches and love.


Obsessive Thoughts and behavior Regarding my Appearance; I also suffered from agoraphobia

I would like to recommend the wonderful technique named TAT and to relate my experiences with Eliezer Spetter.

I consider myself to be talented, a deep person, with G-d given gifts, but circumstance led me to suffer from anxieties, obsessive behavior and low self-esteem. In addition to the emotional burden, these problems prevented me from getting on with my life and fully utilizing my capabilities. I could not go out to meet women, had obsessive thoughts and behavior regarding my appearance, and would compare myself with others. I suffered from agoraphobia and abstained from simple activities such as partaking in a discussion or saying something in public. I suffered from obsessive thoughts regarding the future.

I had no self-esteem. I couldn’t see myself through my own eyes, but tried to see what I thought others saw in me, what they thought of me. All this lead to my disconnecting from who I really was and to self-hate.

Thank G-d, there is now a great improvement in all of these areas. With the help of TAT, together with my own working on myself, after a year of work, which also included medication, I feel the impact. TAT and Eliezer Spetter as an emissary from G-d helped me pave the way to my healing.

Today, after my meetings with Eliezer, I feel well. I meet people and know that building my own home is now an attainable reality. I smile to myself and am happy with who I am. There is an amazing improvement in the obsessive behavioral traits, and I have absolutely no need to compare myself to others.

Continuing obsessive thoughts that were accompanied by depression and stress.


I started going to Eliezer as a result of continuing obsessive thoughts that were accompanied by depression and stress. I had previously been treated by a psychologist who tried to solve the emotions through analysis and investigation of their origin, but this only caused them to grow and intensify.

I gave Eliezer the overall picture of the situation, he asked direct background questions and immediately began treatment. The TAT technique that Eliezer uses helped me to understand the source of the obsessions thoughts and to cleanse them thoroughly and quickly. The feelings of stress and distress that accompanied the thoughts the vanished, and, after that, the thoughts themselves disappeared naturally. The fact that I had thought to take psychiatrist medicine now seems absurd and dangerous.

I highly recommend both Eliezer and his technique. TAT is a treatment and a tool for life. Thank you so much 🙂


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