Overcoming Stresses and Becoming

Overcoming Stresses and Becoming

Overcoming Stresses

Overcoming Stresses and Becoming Communicative

To Eliezer Spetter!

During the last year, my husband had to deal with many difficulties at his place of work and in addition to that, his father was seriously ill. These difficulties caused a situation of almost complete detachment from the happenings at home and with his family. When he returned home, he wasn’t attentive at all and unable to pay attention to his children or his wife. Actually, it felt as if he was in a bitter and sad bubble all the time, and not one of us was able to break through it.

This situation obviously caused a lot of pressure and unnecessary anger at home. All attempts to suggest some kind of solution were met with a refusal by him that stemmed from the deep despondency he was in.

At some point, my husband decided to find the strength to get some kind of help and chose you. Immediately after the first meeting, I felt that something had changed. He spoke with me! Finally, we returned to having real discussions as we used to, not only the passing necessary information.

The frequent meetings with you didn’t change the existence of the difficulties, but they did give him good, effective methods to deal with them. The ability to cope and the understanding of what was happening to him brought him back home! He became once again the father involved with his children’s lives and a husband sensitive to my needs, too.

I thank you for this very much!

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