I live in a pit and cannot get out

Not True – you really can get out of it!!!

Traumatic events prevent us from living our lives according who we really are

Trauma is an incident in our lives that stays with us together with all the negative feelings connected with it. Therefore, it influences our lives in a negative manner.

There are so many therapies that work on trauma: on how to deal with it and how to live with it. We in the TAT community have a lot of experience in healing trauma and putting an end to the negative influences in our lives.

A traumatic event occurs and we keep it within us – in our minds. The event occurred years ago but this trauma keeps resonating inside. How? It becomes a thought connected with negative feelings, but it is only a thought of that occurrence – like a memory. Healing the negative feelings connected with this event heals the trauma/memory.

So many people live with the traumatic memories in their minds and are used to it; it is part of their lives and it is hard to let it go because it has become part of them. They do not know themselves without it.

If I release them, I will not be the same person any longer and I will lose my identity. These are fears common to many people and they claim that it is better not to have to deal with the trauma. But I can tell you that by healing all this you will not lose your identity, but you will become who you really are – the person you were before it happened.

Sometimes we feel that we are the trauma and identify with it so much that it is very hard to heal it – the feeling is that if we heal and lose our identities, we will die. That can be healed as well.

I had terrible fears and anxieties, no self-esteem and self-confidence.

Now I have a new life

Dear Chava,

It has been almost six months since I finished my treatment. On that day I felt as though I had been born anew!

Everyone who knows me felt the change, and the most important thing is that I feel the change myself.

Before I met you and started treatment, I had terrible fears and anxieties. I did not trust anyone. Not even those closest to me. I shut myself away with my pain that through time had grown into a black ball inside of me – a ball took over my health and my soul. It took me away from those who were close to me and did not permit me to bring new people into my life. My self-esteem and self-confidence hit an all-time low. I was very vulnerable and could not trust myself.

Before I started TAT, I was very wary even though I had heard good things about it. I thought that it wouldn’t work for me but I decided to try. Immediately after the first treatment I felt an enormous release – both emotionally and physically: I could suddenly breathe deeply again, something I had been unable to do for a long, long time.

Having seen one session was enough for the treatment to begin working, I decided to continue!

Over the course of treatment, I noticed changes both within myself and those around me: I felt more confident in myself and others, I allowed new people to enter my life, and began to trust my own judgement.

I won’t lie. There were times when it was very hard for me! Looking at yourself is not easy, but sometimes it is what is needed, and that’s how I felt. I felt I had to take care of the things that had kept me back and I could not have done it without Chava. It was not for nothing that I called her my “Wizard of Oz”! Chava has healed me and helped me to realize the root of the problem, how to solve it and actually find out who I really am. She never gave up on me, even through the most difficult periods; she was always there for me, and not leaving until the problem was resolved.

After my treatment, I started doing things I’d always wanted to but had not had the courage to undertake in the past. I am more open, talking about what bothers me. The therapy helped to understand what I have to release. There are things that have happened to me in the past and made me feel terrible, but after the treatment I am unable to remember the feelings. It is as though the memory has been obliterated.

I’m really happy that I decided to undergo the treatment. I recommend TAT to anyone who feels stuck – it does wonders.

I am eternally grateful that I was fortunate to get to know you and your unique, gentle and non-invasive technique. It helped remove layers of suffering and break down walls. Because of you I have a new life.

Chava! Thank you so much for helping me to see who I really am and to find the strength to cope.

And thank you for giving me the tools to cope in the future. I feel as though you saved my life.

Thank you.

With much love and admiration,


Physical and Mental Abuse

Not a day passed in which I did not remember the terrible experiences of physical and mental abuse I had undergone. During my last TAT treatment this simply disappeared, and I am now able to live a normal life.

Our sages said: “G-d provides the solution before the problem arises”, and I have merited seeing the truth in this with my own eyes. Through Eliezer Spetter, G-d has helped and saved many people, including my husband and myself.

There are no words to describe our appreciation to you for all your hours and efforts which have saved our lives and our souls.

I suffered horrible and appalling trauma that continued for thirteen years after a family member abused me in unspeakable ways. After my marriage, thank G-d, my eyes were opened, and I understood the truth about these unspeakable things that had been withheld from me for so many years. At that moment a darkness fell upon me, and I felt that I could not continue living after having experienced such physical and emotional deeds that are prohibited by the Torah.

G-d, in His infinite mercy and kindness, did not abandon me and I wandered from counselor to counselor and from therapist to therapist, but everything remained the same. I sunk to despair and total depression but G-d had pity on me, and made me aware of a special therapist, a humble and unassuming person, who lives in pure faith that he is a tool of the Almighty’s, put in this world to help and heal souls among the people of Israel. R. Eliezer Spetter, recommended by worthy and G-d-fearing rabbis, does wonders in healing body and soul for any Jew who needs him.

When I first came to Eliezer I was weak and despairing, full of anger and a desire to take revenge on my whole family. I lived every moment with intense and terrible feelings, together with the bitter traumas that never left me. I very much wanted to become free of the past, of everything in every sense, and to begin life anew. With G-d’s help, R. Eliezer was able to provide solace. It’s unbelievable, but today, thank G-d, after a year of therapy, I live my life in equanimity and self-confidence, strong and independent, empowered, forgiving of the past. Thank G-d, I strive only to move forward in the total belief that everything that happened was decreed by heaven, and that G-d will give me strength to continue doing holy work to His satisfaction in every way. Therefore, Eliezer, you have been a good servant of G-d, saving me in body and soul and for future generations; all the mental, physical and emotional changes I underwent throughout the year of therapy have affected not only me and my husband, but all those around me.

My energy has been changed, and a new life has unfolded before me – it is like a miracle from above! Therefore I warmly recommend R. Eliezer, who is a worthy messenger from G-d, who aids all in need of help and healing of the soul, which in turn heals the body. With G-d’s help, you can also achieve a new and improved life in every sense, and thus serve Him and do His work whole-heartedly.

Those who seek treatment should not forget that they must be fully committed and desirous of change, and should not be afraid of changing.

Eliezer, it is said that if one saves one person it is as if one saved the entire world. With a heart overflowing with appreciation and many thanks, and blessings that your work bears fruit and brings satisfaction to our Father in heaven, and that G-d’s grace be with you always. The _______ Family

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