I was in therapy for about a year and a half and also took pills but nothing helped.
Depression, anger, sadness, thoughts, insecurity, fear, anxiety – today there is nothing left.


Dear Eliezer.

Words are not sufficient to thank God who sent me to you!

In my youth, my family experience various traumas: my father had a car accident and a year later, at the age of 17, my brother was murdered by his children in his class. My family could not contain the terrible anguish, but I did not pay much attention to it. I thought that I was fine and I could get through it; I did not attribute any significance to these traumas.

When I was about to graduate from high school, I decided that I wanted to sit and study our Holy Torah in yeshiva, but after three days, after a class in Jewish faith, everything exploded at once. I returned home with a river of bad, dangerous thoughts washing over me. Without life, vitality and the truth I saw no reason to live, so I went to various therapists but none of them were able to help me (treatments included CBT and EFT). I was in therapy for about a year and a half and also took pills but nothing helped.

Only when I went to dear Eliezer, may G-d bless him with all the blessings, I felt wonderful from the first meeting. Something really was released me and I became a new person even though at first I really did not believe that it would really help – just like the other treatments I have written about. After several months with Eliezer I became a new person. Here are some of the things that have changed:

A) After not being able to sleep well for three years, I now sleep like a baby with no disturbing thoughts.

B) Anger with my parents – today we are on excellent terms.

C) Depression, anger, sadness, thoughts, insecurity, fear, anxiety – today there is nothing left.

D) Difficulty in learning Torah – now I am among the most diligent of the yeshiva students.

E) I now truly love myself.

F) I have discovered my inner self.

I can truly say that whoever wants to be absolutely cured of whatever is troubling him, the only person to cure him is Eliezer; if I managed to overcome all the things that I was suffering from, from being in the lowest depths to being raised to the heights that are now part of my life, everyone can succeed – and it is only with Eliezer. The warmth, attention and feeling that he is always at my side are invaluable.

Eliezer, I would like to bless with warmest blessings, that you will continue to help other people in distress.

Yours, Daniel.


Dear Chava,

Depression from darkest place to talk to, to believe in and to Him.

I first came to you in December in the middle of winter with a sense of despair and terrible emptiness. It was a cold, gray winter outside and within. I left my National Service twice and felt as though I was falling apart. At the beginning of the therapy I did not feel any emotional change. Not only that, I was very scared.

I felt that it did not help and that I was getting worse.

I courageously continued to come to our meetings, and I felt you fully with me in my fears, anxieties, depression, in my sense of death and internal paralysis.

You just stayed with me. Only you. Silent and present and so exact. Without great promises of what would happen. We were together in the fear of whether or not I was suffering from depression. You saw me very low, unable to do anything, but you remembered how I had been in the past, remembering the Leah in the past at her best. That I can succeed, that I’m not like this at all; and even in the dark, lacking strength, you totally believed that I could study dance. Challenging, but it raised me to new heights.

You taught me to be present. To exist! With what there is, to accept, to believe. To not be afraid of anything. To talk to the most frightening place in me. To be silent and give it its place. To be aware of my own presence and the place I give myself. To be aware of silence. And from darkest place to talk to, to believe in and to Him. To shine because God is there. And that’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever learned.

I found light in the darkness. I shined and flowed in Hashem’s light.

I registered for college in Tsfat – for a degree in dance – with the grace of God.

I so much appreciate everything.

Y. 28 years old

I felt trapped with a heavy feeling of darkness and hopelessness surrounding me.


I came for treatment through TAT after a long period of feeling depressed and a loss of meaning in my life. I felt stuck. I did not know how to carry on with life and what to do with myself. I had no idea how to get rid of the sinking feeling of despair. I was mixed up regarding my feelings about myself and, consequently, about my wife and children. I felt trapped with a heavy feeling of darkness and hopelessness surrounding me.

Thank G-d, after treatment with TAT, I feel as though I am a different person; I am more calm, more at peace with myself, optimistic, happy and relaxed.

Thanks to your experience with this incredible technique, you have helped me opened a gate through which I can reach a palace of self-fulfillment and enjoyment from life.

You were always able to approach matters from a different angle and think things out in a professional manner which really worked for me.

Thank you, Eliezer, for your patience and sensitivity. I will always remember this period of my life as one of significant growth and the beginning of a flourishing new life.

Wishing you much success.

Depression since Childhood

“I don’t remember exactly when I began coming to Eliezer, he remembers, maybe two months ago, but what I do remember very well, is that I was in a terrible state. Thank G-d I always kept alive, but I had undergone some extremely difficult situations. I had spent a lot of money looking for help – people with diplomas, a Freudian psychiatrist, and it didn’t help me, it helped them. They received a lot of money. Thank G-d I had the money, but I was doing miserably. Thank G-d, through the help of Eliezer Spetter, I can state to anyone that I now feel as I should feel. As Rav Zusha said before he died, he was not afraid that G-d would ask him why he wasn’t Moshe, he was afraid that G-d would ask him “Why weren’t you Zusha?” It was the same with me, but G-d willing, I am going in the right direction, and I think I will soon be me. Myself. And that’s it.


I am under treatment with EFT and T.A.T. I am in the third treatment, and, thank G-d, feel better. I hope for improvement and thank G-d that He gave Eliezer this profession. G-d should keep him and his family well”. 

“Can you tell about what happened?”

“I had two traffic accidents. In Haifa. So I came for treatment to Eliezer, and I hope he will lead me to the right path. I am satisfied and have no complaints. I hope he will heal other people and help them with their problems.
Many thanks”. 


“Okay, I came to the treatments in really bad shape, and due to these treatments I feel that I have succeeded in pulling myself upward, and I’m totally different than I was when I first came; the treatments gave me a lot of strength, and a lot of belief in G-d, and in myself. Thanks to Eliezer, I think that I’m now on the right path. I highly recommend this method of treatment”.


I want to ask you: how were you when you came to me about a year ago? About 15 months ago?
What was you situation and how did you think of going into therapy?

My situation, as you well know, was an emotional wreck, a terrible state of affairs. In addition to that I was exceptionally skeptical. Going to therapy didn’t mean anything. It was an appeasement to my wife. I was hesitant, skeptical. I thought we’d do this for a short period of time and get it over with. I was skeptical, I thought, “Let’s get it over with; it’s a bunch of nothing”. I quickly learned in a short period of time that this is not exactly standard, classic therapy. That is, speaking everything out loud, a ten year commitment to a therapist or psychiatrist, or taking medication. This method is working with your physical body, working with your emotions, and cleaning out the traumas or the emotional effects, different events in your life. Life’s events leave their marks on people: that gives you their experiences, their knowledge, and their understanding of their perception of the world. Sometimes, though, life’s events are very harsh, very difficult, and people are not up to accepting all the knocks they get hit with. Now, when that happens, when they are not secure enough to accept it, they store those knocks. And their conduct, their behavior consequently reflects all the hard knocks and all the emotional battles that they underwent during their life. Many times people act in accordance with their emotional battles and not with their intelligence.


Working with Eliezer and TAT has turned me from a depressed,drunk,suicidal person into the functioning woman that I thought had died within me.

Words alone cannot describe how painlessly my life turned completely around.
By removing the traumas that I had suppressed for so many years I was able to regain my strength, self respect and faith in myself.

The speed and ease with which I have been able to cope with my family, whose efforts to help me were so destructive to my inner being and had been such a contributing factor to the state that I found myself in is amazing.

Although I am nearly healed I will continue my sessions as this has taught me so much about myself that I want to know more as the peace and strength that this knowledge brings is so rewarding.

From depression back to full life

A few months ago, I began treatment with Eliezer Spetter who uses the TAT technique. The reason I turned to him was because I had felt “stuck” during the last few years without the ability to advance. I didn’t have either the strength or the motivation, I lacked initiative and imagination; I was treading in the same place. Although I did all sorts of things, I was unable to pull myself up. This caused friction at home with my wife who saw me as idle, stuck.

Ever since I began to go to Eliezer Spetter, things began to move forward, a few steps at a time. I began to be brave, initiative, began to look for work, to sign up for studies. I took on myself a project that demanded responsibility, initiative and creativity. Thank G-d, I’m succeeding well. Suddenly I found myself very busy with no time to spare.

I advanced in other fields as well. In one of my tasks, I must give lessons. Standing in front of an audience was quite hard for me; I was pressured by the thought of how people would look at me and judge me. Thank G-d, today I feel freer and more confident to speak in front of an audience without losing my self-identity.

The advantage that I found in this technique is that you don’t have to expose yourself too much; you don’t have to confront your lackings head-on, but rather you leave them behind you in simple, immediate way , a way that is astounding in its simpleness.

I had a number of treatments; I can explicitly say that I saw a significant change in a short period of time that I never saw in any other technique.

After many years of clinical depression with medicine

I had been treated by psychiatrists and psychologists for many years due to depression that, according to the doctors, stemmed from social persecution and lack of self confidence. Consequently I was unable to function and my life was bitter and insufferable. With a heavy heart, I took pills on which I spend a lot of money over many years, but all in vain.

After seeking advice from my rabbis, it was advised that I approach the “Bayit Cham” (“A Warm Home) clinics. Rabbi M. Gross, shlita, recommended that I meet with Rav Shmuel Munk from “Bayit Cham”. Rabbi Munk explained that after so many attempts with conventional medicine, nothing could be lost if I attempted treatment with T.A.T.

At first I was very suspicious of the treatment which sounded strange and unreasonable, to say the least, but as he had said, I had nothing to lose and I decided to begin the treatment only if Rav Munk himself would treat me.

To my surprise, after the first treatment I began to feel far better than I had for years. During the treatment itself I was able to concentrate and felt a release from problems that had always troubled me. For the first time I was able to confront the reason for my depression and I learnt how to get rid of it.

I know that this sound strange, but whoever has experienced this type of treatment can understand its power. I was cured by the treatment that Rav Munk uses in “Bayit Cham”, and I wanted to share my admiration with others who need it.

In ending, I would like to thank Rav Munk for his life’s work in treating the mentally impaired and to thank “Bayit Cham” – literally a warm home for those with problems similar to mine.

Depression and my head was not as full of those disturbing and unnecessary thoughts.

Dear Chava,

I found you through the internet.

I was in an extremely complicated and difficult state, and my mind was a jumble of thoughts. Soon after I came to you and began treatment with TAT, I began to feel that you had succeeded in improving my situation, helped me out of the depression that was choking me and my head was not as full of those disturbing and unnecessary thoughts. You were successful in getting me out of the complicated entanglement in which I was estranged.

Now I feel fewer complications and horrible thoughts that in the past would trouble me and choke me, My head feels clearer and I experience fewer fears, my life is more flowing and I feel far less stuck.

Thank you Chava and thank you TAT.

Post-partum depression

I suffered from acute, painful post-partum depression.

To Dearest Chava,

For many years I carried within me a deep pain, yet did not know what it was. I often felt choked up, full of sadness and despair. After I gave birth to my second daughter, everything suddenly surfaced and I suffered from acute, painful post-partum depression. I tried various kinds of treatment which all helped to flush out the pain and whatever had caused it, but none of them could help cure my weary soul. I became more and more aware of myself, and each time I experienced anxiety or fear, I felt physical pain and suffering. I thought that I would go out of my mind from the misery of it all. I found it hard to live a calm and balanced life, especially in taking care of the house and children.

I thought that I would have to bear all this for the rest of my life … until I came to you for treatment with TAT.

Thank G-d, TAT was able to cure me of every pain. TAT managed to break through the barrier that other methods were unable to penetrate. TAT cleansed me and my subconscious from within and filled me with the infinite life-giving dew and light that comes from the Holy One Blessed be He.

After being stuck in one place, I have become a free being. After being a pained person, I am now a healthy being. I was previously uptight and tense, I am now calm. TAT taught me that all that I had consciously experienced was now in my past, something I went through and is no longer mine…

TAT gave me an outlet and release for life; it allowed me to forgive myself and others, to pick up the pieces, put myself together and to heal from all the pain. Nothing makes me anxious or scared any more, and my body does not hurt at all.

Nothing at all resonates from within.

Thank you Hashem, and thank you dearest and beloved Chava

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