Guilt Feelings

“I was never able to forgive my parents for things they did to me as a child, but since NLP, I am able to be close to them again and to love them in a normal way.”

“I was never able to forgive myself for things I did in the past. After NLP and EFT, I feel a tremendous change”.

December 2010


Guilt feelings of my whole life disappeared and my relationship with my father improved

Dear Eliezer

I would like to thank you for your help during the last months.

Thanks to your treatment and advice, I feel much better.  I feel particularly relieved from the guilt feelings I had in the past.

When I started my treatment with you, I never thought that with the technique you use I could be relieved so promptly from such negative feelings that have accompanied me for so many years.

Besides that. I have particularly improved one very important issue in my life:  my relationship with my father. We have been improving our bonds and speak now as real friends.

Thanking you again for your help


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