From Psychology to TAT

From Psychology to TAT

From Psychology to TAT

I tried to psychologists, psychiatrists, all kinds of treatments, vitamins and whatnot, but nothing helped !!

I would like to express my thanks to Rav Eliezer Spetter

During my always childhood I had a lot of problems with self-confidence; I was always different; I was always busy with thinking about what others thought about, how they trampled all over me and crushed my personality. I reached terrible low periods and terrible life situations – even a marriage crisis in marriage: the woman I married treated me really badly. I took a lot of emotional beating and was always busy thinking how miserable my lot was. The fear of failure in life has always resonated within in me, that I was born unlucky and defective! I suffered from depression, anxiety and digestive problems, and I was just too distressed to deal with this harsh life. I was a “mama’s boy” who was afraid to take responsibility for himself and for his life. I tried to psychologists, psychiatrists, all kinds of treatments, vitamins and whatnot, but nothing helped – I was just going to accept that there was no cure for me, and that the problems would reoccur in my next relationship.

That was before I met Eliezer Spetter. At our first meeting, I explained what I was going through and how I was suffering. Eliezer wrote everything down and began the treatment. I do not know how, but the TAT treatment technique works like a charm; it just cleanses the negative thoughts. One simply concentrates on the most painful and most distressing thoughts and they simply disappear, even the deepest traumas from childhood. After a few treatments I felt emotionally pure and clean, and that I could make a new way for myself with higher aims and goals. TAT gave me the opportunity to stand up and take responsibility for myself. Today I am more vital, full of joie de vivre and a lot of motivation.

Thank you to Rav Eliezer Spetter. May G-d bless you and give you the strength to continue your good works and go from strength to strength.


From Psychology to TAT

After two years in which I was treated by two psychologists who claimed that they could be of no more help, and after treatment through other methods, I found that I still suffered from a large number of anxieties.  I was extremely frustrated.  I contacted a third psychologist who claimed that she could not promise to be of help.
Due to the anxieties and lack of self confidence that had accompanied throughout my life I was completely dispirited.  Suddenly, someone suggested that I try TAT.

I was quite skeptic when I reached Eliezer (I did not really believe in the “energy” concept), but I was quickly discovered that I had found what I was looking for.  The method is fast, powerful and effective.   Emotional difficulties simply disappeared.
Some time later I attended a seminar that taught TAT, and I am now able to treat myself.  I am aware of my getting stronger daily.
I feel that I need to tell the world about this amazing method.  It is a pity that it is not more widely publicized since it is remarkable.

Eight years of suffering, living with a woman with serious mental problems

Dear Rav Eliezer Spetter.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your help.

I found you after eight years of suffering, living with a woman with serious mental problems. We have since divorced. Words do not suffice to describe my suffering until I reached you. I can only say that I was half-human. My suffering caused my hands to shake and my whole body itched. Conventional medicine did not help. Only after your treatments were these problems and others, emotional and mental, resolved.

Today I am cured. I am healthy and am now emotionally and mentally ready to remarry.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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