No help for my eczema and my weightproblem


During our final meeting, when you asked that I write about my treatment, it seemed so simple and clear, but when I sat down to write, I found that I did not know where to begin and I couldn’t bring myself to write. I kept on putting it off until I thought, “Why don’t I just do TAT on this?” So I did…

For the longest time I felt that I was in a whirlpool of pressure and emotional tension, which disturbed me greatly. I could not come to terms with the way I was and I had an enormous amount of mixed thoughts that would overwhelm me. Sometimes I thought that I would explode from the tension. Actually, I did not have any “blowouts”, but inside everything was turbulent and boiling. I was busy with what was going on inside of me, and my head sometimes hurt just too often. I wanted to take care of my issues, to be relaxed and calm, not to get upset about every little thing, just to know how to calm down when I was upset. But in the meantime I didn’t do anything – I just wanted to…

One day, I felt a painful itching on my legs, and saw that my skin was red and peeling. I went to the doctor who told me that I had eczema. For the next few months I used creams and bathed my skin, but to no avail. It would come and go, spread and then lessen and suddenly come back. I had allergy tests to see if I was sensitive to anything. Then I heard that there is a connection between skin problems and stress, and I decided that it was about time to take the matters in hand.

I had already heard about you, but I now made the step and came to see for myself. I had heard that you use a unique technique called TAT, a special gift that G-d has given us by which we can influence the energies within us and thus control our feelings and thoughts. After the first meeting, I could see that the eczema had abated.

Sometimes when I am under pressure or am unable to concentrate or do something, I stop, do TAT, and then continue with renewed strength. I now feel more at ease and relaxed, as though I have been reborn. I can now flow with society, with my family and, most importantly, I am happy within myself.

During my treatments, I also worked on my Weight problems and eating disorders. I am now able to maintain a normal weight.

I would like to thank you for the personal attention, for your openness and care, for the wonderful feelings that accompanied me during each treatment and which I relish when I look back on those treatments.

I also thank G-d who enabled me to know you and this wonderful technique.


Garlic Allergy


During the last year, I noticed that when I eat garlic, I feel bad. It affects me and causes digestive problems, nausea, and general feeling of illness. As if the body refuses to accept the garlic.

I decided to treat this because I felt that it really limits me; it bothers me to visit anyone because I didn’t know what is in the food and if they used garlic. I couldn’t stand the smell or even the sight of garlic.

After treatment with TAT under the auspices of Eliezer, I was able to conquer the allergy and I discovered amazing things about myself. I understood that the allergy stemmed from trauma. When I was a child, I suffered from worms in my digestive tract. My parents chose to treat me with garlic. A “power struggle” developed between us. As I child, I refused to accept their aid and apparently my body developed “anti-garlic” tendencies. After the TAT treatment, my body and soul were able to receive the garlic again out of “friendship”.

TAT- a solution for an easy, happy life that flows and is “tasty”. That same day I prepared garlic bread! And it tasted very good, I love it.

It’s important for me to tell people about the miracles that the technique caused. The tool is easy, practical and every person can aid himself with it.

It’s a must for every home!

Thank you, Eliezer

And thanks to G-d,

S from Jerusalem

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