Gum disease because of trauma

Gum disease because of trauma

Gum disease because of trauma

Gum disease because of trauma

The gum disease has improved; it’s unbelievable. I went home after the TAT-session and had another 8 or 10 hours of slight sensitivity and then it vanished. It disappeared and I’ll tell you something else. I had swollen glands, also, and they cleared up without antibiotics. I had fever and didn’t feel well several days, and everyone thought it was the flu; but I knew it wasn’t flu, because I felt the swollen glands under my ears. And they went away without antibiotics.

I get it every year and usually it wouldn’t clear up without antibiotics. This time it went away without antibiotics; my body and soul became strengthened together in a way that is hard to explain.

I came to one of the TAT sessions with gum disease and you, Eliezer, wanted to work on traumas. I thought you were out of your mind, for I had a regular physical gum disease and what had that to do with traumas .We started with TAT to work on it and we arrived at some past traumas from age three connected to something in my mouth.

The strange thing is that nobody I know connects infected gums to emotional traumas, but it turned out that my gum infections were very much connected with 2 traumas from ages three and four, when I was given some kind of sweet syrup that I didn’t take. It caused trauma that made me suffer with gum infections until now.

The other trauma was that my mother took me to the doctor to get injections to gain weight. Yes.

After working with TAT on these 2 traumas, I am able to control myself with eating. I used to have eating binges, where I used to eat in the evenings, and now I don’t have them anymore; I can now say “no” to food. Not always, but often. Now I find myself craving something, someone puts it on the table, and I can say “no”, which I never could before.

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