Scar from a traffic accident and sores

Scar from a traffic accident and sores

Scar from a traffic accident and sores.

I have a large scar on my back from a traffic accident. I didn’t live comfortably with it; it bothered me, like having a mark of Cain, even though no one sees it since when I’m dressed it, doesn’t show. I had a hard time looking at myself in the mirror, showering, terrible sensitivity. My whole body was full of sores when I started with TAT, especially around the abdomen. They were terribly itchy; I would scratch until I drew blood. I thought it might be caused by food, but three months of itching can’t be caused by food. Food might cause itching for a day or two, but not for three months. It simply vanished during all the TAT we did; there is no itching any more,either. Nothing itches and I am at peace with my scar. Everything physical about my body is much easier for me. I don’t actually touch the scar on my back, but I can towel it now, which I couldn’t previously. I can look at myself. I can let my children see it now,too. Now, if I want to change shirts and they are in the room, okay, so they’ll see it. That’s what is; they needn’t be upset by it. They can see it and ask questions if they want. The sensitivity is much less. I look at it now in a totally different proportion because of these treatments.


Gum disease because of trauma

The gum disease has improved; it’s unbelievable. I went home after the TAT-session and had another 8 or 10 hours of slight sensitivity and then it vanished. It disappeared and I’ll tell you something else. I had swollen glands, also, and they cleared up without antibiotics. I had fever and didn’t feel well several days, and everyone thought it was the flu; but I knew it wasn’t flu, because I felt the swollen glands under my ears. And they went away without antibiotics.


I get it every year and usually it wouldn’t clear up without antibiotics. This time it went away without antibiotics; my body and soul became strengthened together in a way that is hard to explain.

I came to one of the TAT sessions with gum disease and you, Eliezer, wanted to work on traumas. I thought you were out of your mind, for I had a regular physical gum disease and what had that to do with traumas .We started with TAT to work on it and we arrived at some past traumas from age three connected to something in my mouth.

The strange thing is that nobody I know connects infected gums to emotional traumas, but it turned out that my gum infections were very much connected with 2 traumas from ages three and four, when I was given some kind of sweet syrup that I didn’t take. It caused trauma that made me suffer with gum infections until now.

The other trauma was that my mother took me to the doctor to get injections to gain weight. Yes.

After working with TAT on these 2 traumas, I am able to control myself with eating. I used to have eating binges, where I used to eat in the evenings, and now I don’t have them anymore; I can now say “no” to food. Not always, but often. Now I find myself craving something, someone puts it on the table, and I can say “no”, which I never could before.


Homesexual feelings and depency on other perople

I started with TAT with Eliezer because of homosexual feelings and my dependence on other people. Before these treatments, for many years I felt bad about myself and couldn’t manage to live in tranquility. Since these treatments, I feel that both these things have been resolved for the best; that is, that now I feel much more independent, and the attraction to men is finally gone. Before the treatment, the love I felt for one of my friends was strong, but not so healthy; now it is love that is building in a healthier and more correct manner.



Dear Eliezer!

These are my problems:

Dependence on boyfriends (homosexual): for a number of years, I was dependent on my boyfriend (from time to time I changed boyfriends). This dependence included missing him terribly, thinking about him all the time, not doing certain things around him or doing certain things specifically around him, anxiety about how I appear to him, emotionalism, etc. All these things caused me unrest and no peace of mind and a dysfunctional daily life.

Sexual attraction to men: I was attracted to men and often became dependent on those that I was attracted to. This caused a lot of problems and a lack of concentration.

Dependence on parents: I always talked as they would, even if I didn’t think the same. I didn’t want to portray myself as different from them; I was afraid they would be hurt.

These are the principle problems I had, problems that caused me to feel that I am not truly myself, but someone else. These problems also caused a lack of concentration and a lot of stress.

Since treatment, I feel much freer and much less pressured. I feel the life I’m living is truly mine and not because of friends and those around me. I feel more tranquil and relaxed, without thinking about missing my boyfriends. I am much more focused. The attraction to men is greatly reduced; I don’t feel emotionally attracted to men anymore. Concerning my dependence on my parents, I say what I think and am not afraid of my image concerning my dear parents.


Dear Eliezer! (a thank-you note)

I simply wish to thank you for your dedicated TAT treatment, for the good relationship and for the pleasant feelings throughout the hours of treatment.

When I started with TAT, I had much apprehension about the treatment method, but, thank G-d, since the treatment, I have even recommend to other people to go get TAT treatment,too.

I would say that, within myself, I have changed greatly; my composure is now very noticeable and through this composure many more things have been resolved.

I hope that G-d will grant you success and that what G-d has bestowed upon you, you will distribute everywhere, and that, in the merit of treating people, you will earn all good things. Again, thank you very much,

With love and appreciation,


Dear Eliezer, (thank-you note)

Almost a year has past since we completed a process of healing through your help and we wish to thank you for all the help you gave us. Because of you and your help, we underwent this process easily and quickly. Your vast concern for our situation touched us greatly.

This treatment, which is so connected to belief and the concept that G-d is the One who heals us, granted us a unique treatment experience, and the great influence upon the spirit was amazing. My husband is still using the treatment method on himself occasionally and also uses it on our sons.

Thank G-d, I now feel good, we are back on track, and all is well.

Anger and Stress

Eliezer Shalom.

I came to you angry and stressed, when everything angered me and aggravated me. After a series of treatments with TAT and an inquiry into the sources of the anger and stress, I feel much calmer today and the anger appears to be a thing of the past. In fact, the technique I learned helps me cope easily with life’s daily problems.

I wish to thank you for the uncomplicated and effective treatment.


Car accident and torture by the Ethiopian Police

I came to Hava after a car accident. I was suffering from panic attacks and terrible nightmares. Due to dizziness and headaches, I was unable to work for more than a year. I could not function. Everything was blurred.

During the treatments, I remembered the trauma of my captivity in Ethiopia when we tried to escape from there and come to Israel. I remembered the beatings and the torture at the hands of the Ethiopian soldiers.

Thank you so much for the treatment and the understanding. My head is now empty of negative thoughts and I am calm and relaxed.

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