Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

“A year and a half ago, I was suffering from anxieties, suicidal tendencies, traumas from schools and yeshivot from my childhood, a decline in spirit, and various fears, like a fear of being laughed at.

After coming to Eliezer and learning his treatment methods, the fears have left me, totally changing my inner feelings, my manner, and my goals for my life.
My direction has changed and I have gained a better understanding of what I really desire to do. I sincerely recommend these methods; they helped me and can help many more people.”


I suffered from headaches; an hour of learning would tire me

Even if you think there is no change, that there is no medicine, that you will always be afraid, I would like you to know that there is a dear person, healthy in his outlook, who is one of God’s wonderful messengers in our world.

I can testify how weak I was after little physical effort, and even more after an hour. I was scared for my health, and I was sure that I am this or that; I lacked ambition, I was insecure and scared that people were looking at me. I suffered from headaches; an hour of learning would tire me, and it would make me nervous to stand at the lectern for more than a few minutes.

But this can happen to anyone, not necessarily with any particular background. It can happen to you.

Today, Baruch Hashem, after a period of several weeks, my self-confidence has increased and this is expressed in many things during the day: less pressure, and this is improving daily. Thank God I am blessed and can sit and learn for a few hours and not feel tired; I have swum without feeling faint, and cycled for an hour and a half – I was panting a little, but normally.

I would add that I had not understood my wife before, I did not tell her because I was stuck. Now things are different. More understanding, more contact, more appreciation, more giving. There is a lot to add.

Wishing you good health and all the best.



A mother: “Thank G-d, my son is more relaxed, more open, less violent, less agitated; it’s possible to communicate better with him, thank G-d.
Thank you.”





I suffered from lack of mental clarity

Dear Eliezer Spetter.

Thank you so much for being the correct person to help me!

For many years I suffered from lack of mental clarity at certain times, especially if I was under pressure or in a sensitive situation.

Baruch Hashem, I found you and had five sessions. During the third session, I felt a tremendous improvement and after the fifth session I felt healed.

The feeling sometimes comes back in tense situations or if I am scared, but I have learned to repeat the sentences according to the technique that you taught me, and everything passes.

I pray that you will always be a faithful emissary and continue to help others.

With much thanks,





Dear Eliezer.

I wanted to thank for the treatment helped me so much to feel good about myself.

Since I was small, when the Rebbe harassed me, tag me as problematic and could learn frames.

Lately, I passed a severe blow when my beloved grandmother passed away and I found myself.

Since I got you a lot of problems I had were solved gradually, within a short treatment period and focused.

We met once a week meetings, and I see the world and myself pink glasses, a hat, “the day I feel strong enough to deal with even more things myself.

I got powers and abilities that and I thank you!








I came to you for help with ADD and none of the symptoms remain.

Dear Eliezer Spetter,

I would like to thank you for the devoted treatment that helped me progress for the first time in years.

I came to you for help with ADD that caused me a lot of frustration and after just a few weeks of treatment, I can say that none of the symptoms remain. You have given me the possibility to finally believe that things can change – and quickly.

I pray that you continue to help many more who need you just as I did: to reassure them that there is hope and that one can change and be changed in every situation.

Thank you.


I couldn’t read at all.

My name is Efraim.

A few years ago, I couldn’t read at all. I went from one doctor to the other and to professors as well…

I made some progress, but when I read, I read slowly; it just wouldn’t flow, and what’s more, I would practically die if I had to read in front of other people: fear, anxiety, heat … I would blush when anyone asked me to read. All this until I met Eliezer Spetter. Now, after a few meetings I am happy. I read fast without feeling anxious or scared as I had previously.

I would like to thank Eliezer from the bottom of my heart. I wish him all success in helping all of his patients progress, and that Hashem send him blessings and success in all that he undertakes.

P.S. I very much enjoyed Eliezer’s niceness, warmth and patience, and the treatments were enjoyable as well.



Titel ADD problems can be healed wit TAT


We came to Eliezer after we had seen that for some time it was difficult for Yechiel to sit in the classroom for very long during lessons and learning with his melamed.

Also suffered from angry outbursts; when things did not go as he wanted, he would “blow up” and it was very hard for him to calm down.

We came to the right place, to Eliezer Spetter, and after a few treatments by the angel in the guise of Rav Spetter we reached a situation where our younger children also noted that their brother is able to calm down very quickly and controls himself immediately.

Likewise, his teacher reported that our son was able to sit calmly and relaxed during classes.

Thanks to Hashem who helps heal our souls and bodies, who helps us reach the right decisions at the right time and sends special emissaries to help us.

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