Our daughter, Chaya Bracha, was very hyperactive in her Beit Ya’akov classroom. The teacher found her intolerable and impossible to keep in class.

She insisted she take Ritalin, a little amount to control her outbursts of speech and her inability to sit and think about the things the teacher is trying to teach. She would disrupt other children and she would run around the room. Since she’s been to Mr. Spetter (this is the third time), but even after the second session with Mr. Spetter, the teachers recognized a significant improvement: that she no longer spoke out of turn, she no longer disrupted the other children.

What she did do: she sometimes didn’t sit in her place, and she’d get up from time to time and walk around the classroom. The teacher did not found this intolerable; it was not so serious because she was in a special class. In addition, she was advancing in her class-work quite above the other girls, in spite of the fact that she was not the best-seated child in the room; the teachers are actually very pleased with her.

Now I hope after the third session she will be able to sit and be quiet and enter a regular classroom with 20 to 25 girls and participate as a regular child in a regular classroom.
The teacher found the change was an extreme, radical change, and she does not understand how, she does not know what to relate it to, just thinks perhaps it is because the child is now a half-year older, and is more mature; the teacher does not recognize that she is wrong; or she suspects that the child has been given a natural, homeopathic drug, which is also incorrect.

All we’ve done is diffused some of her fears, tension, and nervousness with the TAT technique, and we freed her from all of her inhibitions. Her mind is free to accept the lessons that she has to learn, to read and write and become educated.

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