Questions and Answers sadna

Questions and Answers sadna

Questions and Answers

1. How can a two-day workshop help one get out of a situation that has existed for years?

The negative beliefs that things can never change are a result of past problems and ensuing negative perceptions. You come to the workshop with all your baggage, and even if you do not believe in it at first, the ensuing process moves to cure past difficulties and all negative thoughts and concepts derived from them. The belief that things cannot improve is like a cork in a bottle. Release that cork, and the situation will get better. At the workshop you will discover that it does not take very long to release it and, subsequently, to undergo an amazing change in your marriage.

2. In my relationship I come up against accusations, shouts and insults. How can the workshop help the situation?

The workshop helps by curing the root of the problem. The root is the cause of your past difficulties and the ensuing perceptions, thoughts and negative beliefs. Those views are the reason that the problems exist today. During the workshop you will heal the root of the problem, and then, consequently, the insults, shouts and accusations will stop naturally and without effort.

3. Will the five-step system help me have a happy marriage from now on?

The five steps can help to pinpoint where the problem exists today. After I see where the problem is, you will work with a special method called TAT to cure the root of the problem in each and every step of the Five Steps to a Second Honeymoon.

4. How do I manage after the workshop?

At the end of the workshop you will have acquired tools with which you can treat yourself (TAT), and this technique can be used at any time and in any situation to solve any problem that may arise.

5. Do you provide support after the workshop?

After the workshop, we continue to give you full support. We are available every evening between 6:00-8:00 p.m.

6. My husband thinks that the workshop is nonsense and doesn’t want to come. Is it worth coming alone?

Of course! Through the workshop you can change a situation seems stuck – on your own! Past difficulties and the negative perceptions derived from them are like self-fulfilling prophecies that are realized during your marriage. They act like a magnet, attracting negative external reactions from your husband. Through the workshop, your perceptions change, your awareness become positive, resulting in positive comments and healing the atmosphere.

7. It sounds too good to be true. How can it be that after years of suffering, I can come home to a second honeymoon after a two-day seminar?

When you think negatively, then the results will be negative, and negative experiences attract more negativity. Traumas attractive traumas, and history repeats itself until healing is performed. If no healing takes place, the trauma is like a prison. During the workshop, we remove the negative parts of the history that repeat themselves.

We are skilled in changing marriages within five sessions, and that is the aim of the workshop. We have had cases of people who wanted a divorce, and within three to four sessions felt completely different. We work with one of the partners on a one-to-one basis.

8. If I’m single or divorced, can the workshop help me find my soul mate?

During the workshop you work on past difficulties and the negative perceptions stemming from them. Therefore, you heal the root of the problem that prevented you from being in relationships. You will leave the workshop cleansed of past fears, anxieties, frustrations and difficulties. You will start on a new foundation, from which you will be able to build a happy relationship not influenced by the past problems and negative perceptions that troubled you until now.

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