Relationship Changing Workshop

Relationship Changing Workshop

Tat for Relationships

In TAT you’ll discover the Secret Second Honeymoon Model that transforms relationships.

You’ll discover LIVE everything you need to know to quickly and easily incorporate the five step model into your relationship and start experiencing more love and respect faster…

Read this story of a marriage that went From Ridicule to Love

“Since we were married, my wife criticized me all the time, completely destroying my self-confidence. For twelve years I went to therapists who told me that they had never met such a tough case. I am embarrassed to admit it, but I would sometimes secretly I decided to go for it. Finally I started working with Eliezer. I have to admit that while we were doing it, I was very skeptical but I decided to go for it. I returned to my wife, and to my great surprise, I felt better about her. A few weeks passed, and wonder of wonders, she started to compromise, without my asking her to. It was like magic. I thought, “Ah, you’re imagining things”, but the change was so powerful that I couldn’t deny it. Most important, I “felt” respect and love for her, and that she returned that same love and respect to me!!! My marriage has changed 300% for the better. In the past 7 years after the workshop we may have disagreed only once or twice, and certainly not the way we had in the past. We both know how to prevent that now.

— Shmuel. R., Tel Aviv

ATTENTION: Newly Married, Relatively New, Overwhelmed or Struggling, Doing Okay but Not Where You Want To Be, and Longtime Married Couples…Who Want to Quickly Improve Your Relationship, Stop the Criticism, and Create a Loving Marriage In As Short A Time As Possible.

From Eliezer & Chava…

Dear Friend,

If you are like mgoing to claim thaost of our clients, you are convinced that our unique Second Honeymoon Model works, as is evident by the 200 workshops & 20,000 sessions we have given. There are hundreds of students employing this model with tremendous success … BUT you’re likely still feeling a range of emotions that leave you wondering:

● If you are doomed to dealing with being ignored or criticized by your partner all the time;

● If you aren’t sure whether you will ever be able to experience the type of love or respect in your marriage that we have;

● If you’re afraid that improving your relationship means you have to give up on what is important to you;

● How to IMPLEMENT the model to IMPROVE your marriage FAST;

And worse, you might still be thinking that your marriage is different!

Sitting at home watching our videos, you heard about the dramatic change in our own relationship,

No doubt, you are longing for similar change for yourself…

But here’s the thing…at home it’s easy to get distracted… It’s easy to doubt yourself and it’s very hard to make a successful change on your own without the full toolbox that comes with this model.

After suffering for 34 years in our marriage, we want to save you the trouble. We want to put an end to the distractions… the jealousy… the disappointment…the loneliness – because the truth is, you don’t have to just watch other perfect couples, you can experience a breakthrough in your relationship too.

They Started Working With Us And Things Changed in a Short Time…

“At 45, after a few months of with Chava my whole life has changed.

In my relationship with my husband, TAT and Chava’s treatments have helped me understand how to change and improve myself, and have also made an enormous impression on my husband (he did not have treatment). Thus, our whole relationship has changed beyond recognition.”

Dina. P., Jerusalem

“I called Eliezer SOS four days before I was scheduled to appear before the Rabanut and give my wife was the get she was demanding. We met just four times. In that time I changed so much that even my wife experienced a big difference. I felt an enormous change in my attitude towards her. We sat in a restaurant and had the most sincere conversation; the deepest things came out. I finally understood that all that I had worked on was for not only me but also my spouse, and I gained from all of that because my wife did not want to continue with the divorce at that point.”

Moshe. F. Kiryat Shmonah

How did they do it?

They both implemented the Second Honeymoon Model WITH us. And they both believe that was the jump start that they needed to REALLY get their relationships on track.

Implementation is the difference between a good idea and a good marriage.

Reading a book or undergoing traditional marriage counseling just won’t get you the same results.

This is about creating the marriage you really want for yourself and your family.

Your job is to change your own approach!

That’s exactly why the “5 Steps to Get Your Husband to Listen” was created.

There is simply no substitute for spending focused time, LIVE and IN PERSON with us as we hand deliver the unique model that whips marriages into shape, and sets your marriage up for long-term success.

What if we worked with you for 2 days, face to face, implementing the model, answering your questions and holding your hand through the process of building your ideal marriage?

Would that solve something for you?

Now we are not going to claim that you’ll get the same results as anyone else… BUT what we can say is that nothing will change just sitting at home!

Forget Everything You Ever “Thought” You Knew About Marriage Workshops….This is like NOTHING You Have Ever Seen Before

Before we tell you about the event itself, we want to tell you what this event won’t be.

● This is not another series of long boring lectures on how to improve your marriage that give you more work you have to try and implement all by yourself later at home. 

● This is NOT about taking notes you’ll never look at again. We work constantly with clients just like you, and after 43 years, we know what is working and what isn’t working than anyone else out there. Change comes automatically as a result of the easy and quick way you learn change how you think and feel about your relationship….immediately!

Go here to see the answers to questions

that women just like you who are coming asked

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Get out:

● Have your partner deeply listen to you.

● Stop needing to fight.

● Gain your partner’s full attention and have them REALLY be there for YOU

● A completely new start in your marriage, free of old resentments and power struggles

● .The RIGHT WAY to react to your partner.

● A deviously clever, yet so-so-simple 5 Step MODEL proven again and again to change ANY marriage!

● A quick and easy tool you can use any time to work through any problems that may come up in the future

● Immediate change in Your Marriage

● Experience the SECOND HONEYMOON in your own marriage

● Easily handle criticism from your partner

The Five Step Model is designed from square one to put those tools and that power into your hands when you walk out of the door after two very intensive days. You’ll leave feeling energized and confident and feeling an immediate shift…

call us: Eliezer: 054-5340155 | Chavah: 054-7638010

or leave feedback:

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Don’t miss your chance to experience a unique, live, in-person training with the Second Honeymoon Masters.

Dedicated To Helping You CHANGE Your Marriage FAST,

If you have ever felt like your partner does not understand what it takes to have a successful marriage, or that they just don’t get what you feel — this is the perfect event to immerse them in the Second Honeymoon way so that they are just as excited as you to build the marriage of your dreams!

Chava& Eliezer Spetter

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