Sara Gold

Sara Gold


Location: Greater Jerusalem and Betar Illit

Language: English

Specialty: Treating Obstacles to Move Forward: issues of employment, self-image and empowerment (particularly women), stress reduction and health, spiritual issues and general well-being

Company: Inner Energy Health

Jerusalem Country: Israel

Phone: 407-982-2083; Skype-to-Skype; Israel:02-580-6369




I love using TAT; witnessing how clients reconnect to their inner “oneness” with TAT always arouses a flow of gratitude within me. It has the valued ability to reach deeply without emphasizing pain. And it enriches the safe, loving environment I seek to establish with every client, whether in person or over the phone. TAT’s simplicity is absolutely elegant! 

My professional experience began fifteen years ago as a cognitive/emotional awareness coach, followed by nine years as an employment counselor. Besides TAT, I have trained in Comprehensive Energy-Psychology techniques, EFT, Psycho-Spiritual Integration, EmoTrance, and Focusing. Free initial phone consultation, so call! 


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