Sheryl Prenzlau

Sheryl Prenzlau

Language: Hebrew / English

Location: Jerusalem

Tel: 052-762-3350


My name is Sheryl Prenzlau. I am a Masters level Social Worker & have also been trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (additional 3 yrs.). I specialize in working with people struggling with anxiety disorders, particularly OCD, as well as thinking obsessions. I also help people with self esteem issues, phobias, and trauma.
My clients are women 17 years and older. I work in English and in Hebrew.

I have found TAT to be an invaluable tool for treating trauma, phobias and fears, stuck beliefs,self-esteem issues, and life’s “mini-traumas”.

I also use other more traditional CBT methods,(DBT,REBT), as well as Somatic Experiencing, EFT, and Mindfulness Practice,but consider myself “eclectic by choice”, and frequently combine these,depending on the issue. I work together with my clients to help them achieve a state of acceptance, and also to help them reach higher goals when possible.

I choose to work with TAT for trauma (despite my training in other ways),because of its graceful and painless way of “dissolving” trauma.

Many clients see me exclusively for TAT work.
Please check my website for further

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