Thank-you notes

Thank-you notes

Thank-you notes


Negative feelings, overwhelming

I finished treatment with Chava a year ago but I feel her influence daily on my emotional well-being.

I strongly suggest to anyone who has experienced a harrowing episode that conjures up intense feelings whenever he remembers it, to permit himself to put it aside; to allow himself treatment from Chava or Eleazar to help release it so that he is able to look back and see the episode without the negative feelings overwhelming him – so that he can live with peace of mind and emotional calm.

I wish you internal peace and tranquility, and that you continue to be faithful emissaries to continue, with G-d’s help, to heal all pain and burdens brought your way.



Dear Chava

Thank you so much for everything; you helped me so much. Thank you the for treatment that was so pleasant and exactly suited my needs. I feel completely different than when we began.

When I first came to you I was waking up every night, I was restless and you helped me with this. You helped me generally feel more relaxed, and gave me tools to help myself, which is a very great gift in itself. I feel that my success in school and socially is to your credit because without being relaxed it is not easy to study; not being calm distances friends; not being relaxed one is unable to get closer to others and make new relationships.

Thank you for your dedication and caring, and for always calling to remidng me the day before treatment.

With great appreciation,


Dear Eliezer!, (thank-you note)

I simply wish to thank you for your dedicated TAT treatment, for the good relationship and for the pleasant feelings throughout the hours of treatment.

When I started with TAT, I had much apprehension about the treatment method, but, thank G-d, since the treatment, I have even recommend to other people to go get TAT treatment,too.

I would say that, within myself, I have changed greatly; my composure is now very noticeable and through this composure many more things have been resolved.

I hope that G-d will grant you success and that what G-d has bestowed upon you, you will distribute everywhere, and that, in the merit of treating people, you will earn all good things. Again, thank you very much,

With love and appreciation,

Dear Eliezer, (thank-you note)

Almost a year has past since we completed a process of healing through your help and we wish to thank you for all the help you gave us. Because of you and your help, we underwent this process easily and quickly. Your vast concern for our situation touched us greatly.

This treatment, which is so connected to belief and the concept that G-d is the One who heals us, granted us a unique treatment experience, and the great influence upon the spirit was amazing. My husband is still using the treatment method on himself occasionally and also uses it on our sons.

Thank G-d, I now feel good, we are back on track, and all is well.

TAT and I.B.S.

To Chava, (thank-you note)

I want to thank you for your wonderful care – treatment by TAT.  I came to you in a state of “Not being me” and your wonderful expertise has shown me that with faith and help from Hakadosh Baruch Hu (and you) all can be helped and overcome.  I see things differently now.

You have also helped a medical complaint that I suffered with for years.  I am now on half the dosage of medication and hope to reduce it more, and with doctor’s advice hopefully to stop it completely in the near future.  The name is I.B.S. if the name will help other sufferers.

Thank you  בברכה לרפואה שלמה לכל עם ישראל

Thank you letter

To Dear Eliezer Spetter, (thank-you note)

I have no words to thank you for your dedicated care. When I first came to you I was scared, obsessed, and shied from any mitzva that I had to perform or any other activity connected with day to day life.  Thanks to your dedicated care and your unique method, I can now say that after a little more than ten treatments I am completely healed.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.       

I would also like to take this opportunity and say that TAT is not a technique in which the therapist digs into the patients’ past and present, but in which he works with the patients’ sources of energy and with traumas that they have experienced and affect them in day to day life. Through this method all one’s problems can be cured from their source, including abnormal sexual attraction, stress, anger, schizophrenia and more.

December 2009

Dear Eliezer Spetter, (thank-you note)

My warmest greetings,

Our holy rabbis of blessed memory give credit to those who merit it and liabilities to the liable.

It is evident the larger the credit, more worthy is he who merits.  This is true of you and the enormous privilege that heaven has awarded you through TAT, the method that has saved so many people. 

I am among those who have been helped.  G-d sent me to your student Rabbi Shmuel Munk, and since I met him, my life has changed completely to the extent that I think that it is all a good dream.  I have to pinch myself constantly to make certain that I am really awake.

I thank you so much that, through G-d’s help, the method that you   introduced  has  cured me.

I wish you all success, that you will continue to be a true emissary for G-d the healer of all flesh and blood, and that He will grant you the ability to continue to heal many others through this method.

I wish you a long life, that you find all of your heart’s desires and know only happiness and well being through your good deeds.

Sincerely yours,

Yitzhak, aged 27

My heartfelt thanks for teaching me the technique and for your willingness to help each and every person.

To Dear Chavah and Eliezer,

I really enjoyed working with TAT, and in this letter, I have tried to briefly list the main points that I have noticed.

I have no doubt that the more I work in TAT, I’ll be a better therapist.

My heartfelt thanks for teaching me the technique and for your willingness to help each and every person.

I would especially like to thank my husband for his help. He actually attended four sessions, and it seemed as though there was no progress. My husband was probably frustrated due to the fact that no one could help him – and even you, Eliezer, a therapist, told him you were not sure you could help him –, yet now, after several months, we see a change. Having studied TAT, I know that one needs patience. The results are not always immediate, and sometimes it takes time for a small stone to shift and continue to flow in the river. Energy is released and the change is amazing.

I have seen amazing changes along the way; sometimes the following day, sometimes immediately, and sometimes it takes longer; TAT is surely a wonderful healing tool that everyone should acquire.

Thank you very much dear Chavah for your patience in my training and for your perpetual willingness to always be of help.

My last birth was amazing: TAT helped with the pain, I was relaxed, and the whole birthing process was brief and easy. Thank you Chavah for the preparation before the birth.

My blessing to you both is that your treatments will always bear fruit, that you will continue to succeed in helping the People of Israel.

With both esteem and respect,

Dearest Eliezer and Chava, 

It’s the night of Bedikat Chametz. Tonight, while seeking high and low, I 

would often feel frustration at the thought of the chametz inside of me – 

low self-esteem, anger, pain, self-pity, jealousy and ego etc. But the 

search would have been futile for I had no way to throw out such 


Eliezer, on this night I thank Hashem for sending me to you who taught 

me this most beautiful way to enrich my life, the lives of my family and 

others. This gives me such hope and joy for the life ahead in this world 

and the next! 

You should be blessed always and continue to enhance your brothers 

and sisters in this way and all ways.

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