When TAT is stuck

When TAT is stuck

When TAT is stuck

When you think  it is stuck and TAT does not help?

I have been going now for a long time on a weekly basis for TAT to Eliezer Spetter. Slowly but surely lots of “bagagge” of my childhood, which had been the main cause for all kinds of difficulties in my adult years, was getting cleared up. Meaning, the impact of painful events in my childhood was neutralized leaving me with those  memories as historical facts rather than pain. That carried over pain would make me overreact to normal day to day happenings and/or hinder me from functioning successfully in the every day challenges of a housewife and mother.

Eventhough I have been feeling “down” for a long time more times than not Eliezer Spetter kept insisting that it is not the depression I first came to him with. “There is some “nitty gritty” we didn’t get to yet, something stuck in your subconscious that doesn’t want to let you get back to your happy bubbly self”. And so we prodded along week after week making TAT on all kinds of issues that made me feel depressed, angry and unfunctional. I surely was a “tough customer” but he kept encouraging me and not letting me give up hope as I did at times feel very hopeless and openly said so.

In any case, with lots of s’yato dishmayo he hit the jackpot last week and I feel as if I have been given a new lease of life. I now categorize my life in three phases: The first 20 years with all the impact it made on me. The next 20 years where I suffered from that impact with submanic-depression. And b’chasdei HaShem, now the next 20 years and till 120 where I feel I have come to my healthy self, enabled to exploit all my potential and leading a fullfilled, happy and successful life.

There are no words big and many enough to thank Eliezer Spetter for his crucial role as a shaliach of HaShem in giving life back to me and thus to my husband and children.

May he merit in the zechus of helping me and my family and everyone else who is turning to him to have “kol tuv” in this world and the next.


AK from B.

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