Wandering Neshamot

Wandering Neshamot

Wandering Neshamot

My friend passed away and kept on clinging to me

My friend was killed. He left us a year ago. He was a close friend of mine and I became very much involved with his family as well. After he died, he remained very close to me and appeared in my dreams at the same time I was trying to help the family. Over the past year, he came to me and spoke to me in five dreams. The dreams were very real, as though he was standing next to me. In the dreams, he told me how he was feeling at that moment, and requested that I do certain things.

Since my dead friend’s visits in my dreams were very troubling, Eliezer did TAT with me. I felt that my dead friend’s problems should be addressed during the TAT treatment. We worked on his issues and on my difficulties with them and also did TAT on his behalf. During TAT I felt that my friend was being released from this world in general, from me specifically, and moving on. This was a week before we commemorated the first year of his death (his Jahrzeit).

After the TAT treatment, he came to me in a last dream and told me that he felt that he was healed and could now find his place of rest. Today, a few months after TAT, I feel good and sometimes I go to the cemetery. I feel at peace with the whole thing and he feels at peace as well; everything is moving forward and there are no issues any more.

What I noticed during the TAT treatment was that it quietens the mind. While doing TAT the issues came to me by themselves. I noticed this in all the TAT sessions that I attended — the issues pop up in the mind by themselves. I also noticed also that inner feelings came up, feelings that I would not otherwise experience and we were therefore able to heal them.

I would like more people to have the chance to do TAT as I had. It was great, a real release and a good way to figure out what is going on inside. It helps one learn about oneself, about the issues bothering you and thus get rid of them.


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