Yellow Scorpion

Yellow Scorpion

Yellow Scorpion

TAT and the Yellow Scorpion

I have a new experience with TAT. Our daughter was cleaning something and thought to pick something up to through it away. She griped it with her fingers but it was a yellow scorpion .So she was bitten by it. The poison went right up into her finger and then into her whole arm and she was screaming from the pain and fear. She lay down on the sofa and we called the ambulance. Meanwhile I thought, why not doing TAT with her and I put my hands in the TAT pose on her face. And told her to  focus and I said” put your attention on the trauma and the poison in your arm”. We went through all the steps and when we were finished she said:”I felt literally the poison leaving my arm”. Then the ambulance driver came and we had to decide: going or not going to the hospital, but she said the pain is gone and an half our after she was bitten she was already walking around and felt great. No sign was left from what had happened.

Eliezer Spetter

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