TAT eli-ezer israel

TAT eli-ezer israel

These Techniques can help you:

  • Let go of the past and eliminate beliefs that keep you from achieving what you want and deserve in life
  • Eradicate fears and phobias at their source
  • Heal the emotional aspects of physical illnesses and conditions
  • Stop the inner negative chatter that keeps you from creating the life you want
  • Lose weight and achieve weight loss maintenance
  • Overcome addictions,allergies,depression,eating disorders
  • Recover from natural disasters, terror attacks, trauma-incl. PTSD
  • Improve shalom bayit and all kinds of relationship issues
  • Conquer learning disabilities
  • Achieve success and abundance
  • Assuage sleep disorders and nightmares
  • Mitigate problems and fears concerning pregnancy and childbirth
  • To prepare yourself for childbirth
  • Allay and aleviate almost anything that disturbs or distresses you

TAT has been proven the best method for weight loss maintenance in a study conducted by Kaiser Permanente and funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the USA.

By the time someone seeks help about an issue, whether it’s physical, emotional or psychological, the problem, pain, dis-ease, addiction, anxiety, whatever, has already established itself in the individual. And we tend to think that the pain, disease, addiction, etc. is the problem. If we could just stop smoking, or worrying, or drinking, then everything would be all right. People are under the impression that the disease or the addiction is the problem; whereas, in fact, they are not the problem. They are only the symptom of the problem; the way the problem manifests itself to the conscious mind. And the symptom was originally created by the subconscious to be the solution to an even bigger problem. People generally only notice the symptoms, the underlying causes of which are most often hidden from consciousness. And, again, they are more often than not, a solution to an even greater problem.

Healing ,Success and Freedom are within your grasp. Come and contact us

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