You are the Manager of Your Business....

:You have 
Hopes  and dreams for the future…
all kinds of business plans…
a great product…
a great new project…
…BUT because
you are the leader of the company and it is your reflection….
…any inner sabotage will kill your success!

What is inner sabotage?

…traumas in your youth from your parents
…traumas due to memories of  money issues such as:
fights between parents  about money
parents’ unemployment when you were a child, debts, etc. 

מה עוד משפיע עליך בלי לדעת???


What else affects you without your knowing?

Your parents may have said many times…..
“you are not good enough”
“you will not succeed in your endeavors”
“That is too great an undertaking for you to do”
“You should learn a good trade because your business is not secure 
enough”, etc.
Beliefs in the back of your mind that you do not talk about but inwardly you hope will not bother you and affect the work you do…..
“If we get this deal I am afraid that…..
“Our company’s capability and capacity is not sufficient to….
“I can not handle this because of……”

Be honest  with yourself ! 

These thoughts and many  others affect your work without your knowing 

Lack of Shalom Bayit in the company
….Problems between several members of the staff …
…. workers bringing in the problems they have at home with their
wives and children to work.



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