Courses and workshops

Basic course in TAT
Advanced Skill Workshop (Attendance Workshop)
Workshop - training for working with patients

This introductory workshop will give you the basics of TAT to allow you to work on yourself comfortably in your own homes.

We will learn how the method works with demonstrations and group TAT so that at the end of the workshop you will know how to work on traumas, including PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), how to deal with false thoughts and beliefs, and with disturbing feelings and emotions.

You will learn to release barriers when something seems stuck through working with body and mind parts.

Additional aspects of the workshop will deal with allergy treatment, preparation for pregnancy and childbirth through TAT, troublesome financial matters that interfere with life, and our special method for home peace.

In the presence practice workshop, you will develop your skills in one of the most important areas of practice: TAT presence! We will talk about the true meaning of the presence and what is bothering it; We practice TAT as a group, in pairs, and individually to remove barriers that prevent attendance. Not only will your personal business benefit from the workshop, but you will also acquire tools to pave the way for being more present in all areas of life and death, and especially in improving relationships.

Attendance practice workshop will help you:

In listening and communication skills
In increasing personal presence
In increasing love and compassion
In the treatment of children with ADD / ADHD

Demonstrations and group therapy in TAT are part of the presence practice workshop.

* Designed for those who passed the first workshop

The workshop will focus on the professional aspect of TAT: starting a business and how to run as a professional.

We will teach you two methods for preparing a professional meeting, how to present the TAT to your client, and how to act in different circumstances.

You will learn how to deal with several aspects of treatment for physical and emotional conditions such as bereavement, and a long history of trauma, on TAT after a terrorist attack, how to work with clients with a background of abuse, how to work with cancer and other cancer patients, weight loss and disorders Eating, genetics and DNA / RNA. We will also continue to teach treatment methods for use in professional practice:

What to do when the problem is really stuck and nothing is cured.

When a customer does not want to forgive or his parts refuse to cooperate.

What to do when the client does not feel well at the end of the session or gets excited and out of control.
The aspects of the “package” and when not to create a package.
What to do when time is running out.
What to do when the patient appears opaque or has a vitreous appearance.
How to work with people with an “obsession” or an attached entity, or bothered by wandering souls.
Warnings designed for the professional therapist in dealing with his clients.

The workshop will also discuss the effects of TAT on the home, plants and animals; We will talk about the collective memory and the effect of the hologram, and the effects of pregnancy and childbirth on the fetus and baby, and the effects of circumcision on the newborn.

We will especially emphasize our unique technique in bringing back those who got out of the way / came back in question.

Demonstrations and group healing sessions using TAT will also be part of this workshop. Time will be devoted to the many and varied questions that advanced students have on many topics.

* Intended for those who have passed the second workshop

Separate workshops for men and women
The certification workshops will be two days long and will take place between the hours of 09:00 - 17:00.
There will be a one to two month break between each workshop.

New study groups open!

for women:
A new TAT study group will open in on:

20-12-2023 ח’ טבת

 9.00 to 17.00  in ZOOM

For men:
A new TAT study group will open in on:

 6-12-2023 כ”ג כסלו

 9.00 to 17.00 in ZOOM

I wanted to say a big thank you to Eliezer and Hava.

For the patience, for the availability, you answer us really fast.
I feel like you’re really living the subject, and not just teaching it. You are truly the father-mother of the group. I feel that even the communication with you, is therapeutic, encouraging and cheerful.

I came to Eliezer during a time of crisis. Again I am losing control. Depressed, wanting to put an end to my life, live the fear, attack after attack, trembling body, fresh scratches. Imbalance and sadness.

I dream and believe and so thank the most pure person I have ever known, who did not give up on me and filled me with light and always saw how good I am.

In just a week with Dr. Spetter I saw amazing changes in my son.

The work did not end there. Dr. Spetter said that children are in deep harmony with their parents and that it is essential that I work on my anxieties as well. I was afraid to enter the dark spaces that had been locked in me for so long, but after seeing so much success in my son I mustered up the courage and tried for myself.

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Come learn in 3 TAT workshops
"The method is a miracle from heaven"