a simple and easy way to eliminate anything that bothers you

What is TAT?

TAT is a self-help technique which allows the true you to flourish and grow.  TAT is used to release inhibitions and worries, traumatic stress, inhibiting mental perceptions, and to rid yourself of negative allergies.

TAT is so powerful that it sometimes feels like a miracle. Providing you with a clean slate to build your life. TAT can help you can find inner peace, positive outlook, freedom, power and self confidence,

In this technique, the client employs the fingers of one hand and the whole other hand on a few important points on the head, while focusing his thoughts on certain sentences.

This is a simple and effective technique facilitating inner peace, relaxation, health and empowerment in minutes.

The Creator of TAT:

Tapas Fleming developed the technique in 1993 (Tapas Acupressure Technique). She paved the way to bring an end to traumatic stress, allergic reactions and inhibiting mental perceptions, healing of all kinds of diseases including cancer, so tens of thousands of people worldwide were cured, acquiring better health, change of life and success.


TAT is for you . . .

If you’re weight frustrates you  . . .
Due to personal relationships you are not going anywhere; you try to be yourself but something is holding you back. Perhaps you’ve lost the ability to forgive. If you have pain or stress in your neck and shoulders, allergies, negative thoughts and feelings, and all your desires are locked up inside.

Happiness and fulfillment are so close while your whole life can become bliss.

way tat

The Israel TAT center Eli-Ezer:

I studied in Holland, Germany, Scotland, America, Canada, England and Israel. The Methods I have acquired are, as mentioned before, TAT® The Journey® EFT, EMOTRANCE™, PSYCH-K™, NLP, and Ohr Binah. I have also studied clinical counseling and social work and other guidance methodologies.

What I do is to guide people into their own healing When people come to me I help them to find their own healing way. After they learn the method, they are empowered to solve their own problems. They can heal a spectrum of different areas in their lives: Trauma, fear – phobias, problems at the home or school, lack of focus, disorders caused by physical en mental abuse and more.

I believe that the methods I have discovered are a special gift I have received from G-d. They help so many people in such extraordinary ways; I am only a messenger — a guide, the results are obviously from G-d.

In our sessions, I teach how to properly make use of five important points on the head: two at the back of the head and three in the area of the eyes and forehead. This is a crucial part of the treatment.

The duration of the treatment is entirely dependant on the complexity of the problem at hand and the person’s commitment to dealing with it. Some people are cured after only one meeting, others take longer. Others still wish to learn after they’ve completed the guidance, and stick around even longer.

About discrepancy: There are many things that people want to heal but are embarrassed to talk about. Here, there is no need to divulge youreliezer secrets. I need only the general direction; a summery in a word or two. The techniques I use here don’t require a lengthy explanation of what the person has experienced. I teach the person to help himself. Therefore, for the method to work effectively, the only one who needs to know is the person himself.

For those interested: I have received blessings and consent from the greattat Rabbi’s of our time, from many different sects of our religion. Hassidic, Haredi, Orthodox and Religious Nationalist (Dati Leumi). They have spoken with me, checked my credentials and the methodologies used and approved; some of them even decided to come for sessions with me as well.

“It would be my pleasure to meet you . . .”

I wish you much happiness, health and success

Eli Ezer Spetter


Eliezer Speter explains the TAT method

What can I gain from TAT??

  • Alleviation of stress and worry
  • Change of inhibiting beliefs, habits and viewpoints
  • The ability to forgive and start anew
  • Freedom from all discomforting emotional aspects
  • Distress caused by past memories
  • Tap in to your true ability to flourish
  • Freedom, peace, change, comfort, wellbeing, and more
  • A tool which allows you to genuinely live life with self focus

I want to relieve myself of the difficulties

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Why TAT??

Treatment by this method is very gentile,

There is no risk, and no need for pills or needles.

This treatment can help you succeed in school, in yeshiva, marital relationships, work, and business.

The treatment liberates from all types of hindering perceptions, allergies, traumas, diseases and side effects: depression, pessimistic outlook, fatigue and anxiety.

The positive effects are permanent.

TAT has a high success rate.

The duration of the treatment using TAT is shorter than other systems and methodologies.

The TAT method is effective and powerful and is recommended by many doctors and psychologists.

The TAT method has helped tens of thousands of people from all age groups to free themselves of unwanted reactions, without having to return to the trauma.

So what do I have to do in this method? 


You don’t need to adopt certain viewpoints.

You don’t need to believe that the method will work

You don’t need to re-experience situations or feelings

You don’t need to take pills or listen to long lectures

Ok, so what do I need to do?

Pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.

Or leave details and we’ll get back to you

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More on TAT:

Greetings dear soldiers,

I would like to share with you some interesting facts. Many of you who have been in wars or are still in the army suffer traumas (memories) of death and war. For some of you, it is constant, and especially disturbing at night. I know that your lives have changed for the worse because of behavioral problems deriving from these traumas. You are not who you used to be and it is normal to experience anger, stress, and difficulty in sleeping. As a result of repression, you’ve become lonely and people are not interested in your company.

I know how badly you would like to rid yourself of this reality and all you need is TAT

This technique will change your life. You are welcome to play the video and see for yourself how a veteran soldier from the Vietnam War, who suffered for 30 years, and found no cure for his ailments, today lives a free and healthy life after using TAT.

If you find yourself suffering these same problems, call me and I can start helping you right away!


TAT(R) – Tapas Acupressure Technique – for Combat Veterans

TAT is the most powerful tool used to help soldiers suffering from war trauma to lead normal lives. Here are more videos of Vietnam vets and other people who have used this technique.


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