courses at TAT

courses at TAT

Certified Courses for TAT therapy


focus on self treatment


focus on treatment of clients


Practicing Presence, focus on group therapy

*We have separate courses for men and women.

*We are available by for workshops all over Israel.

*Each course comprises of three different workshops (two days), from 9:00 to 16:00, over a six-month period.

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Let’s learn at 3 TAT workshops

“The method is a miracle from Heaven”

The First Workshop: focus on self treatment

This workshop is for people who want to learn the technique.  Here I will teach you the basic knowledge of the method and how to use it properly.

TAT can help people suffering from trauma (even severe trauma such as PTSD), allergy, chronic illnesses, eating disorders and various physical problems. In addition, this method also helps with marital problems, learning problems, relationship problems, financial problems, trapped limited beliefs and any other negative behavior that disturbs one’s life. It is also possible to treat problems without much information about the patients past, thus maintaining discretion.

The Second Workshop: focus on treatment of clients

This workshop is aimed at those who wish to become professional in using the technique.

In the workshop, we will learn how to use TAT for:

  • complex situations

  • chronic illnesses

  • weight problems

  • financial problems

  • etc. 

Practically speaking, there is no problem that cannot be handled with this technique using the conscious or the subconscious.

*Designed for those who have undergone the first workshop

The Third Workshop: Practicing Presence, focus on group therapy

In the Practicing Presence workshop, you will develop your skill in one the most important areas of TAT:

being present with yourself your clients and others!  We will elaborate on the true meaning of Presence, and which barriers obstruct achieving Presence. In order to remove these barriers, we will practice TAT in a group.

The clients will not be the only benefactors; the course will pave the way to your own personal presence in all walks of life, especially in relationships. The Practicing Presence workshop will help you: sharpen your listening and communication skills, heighten your own personal Presence, and intensify love and compassion.

* Designed for those who have undergone the second workshop

Please leave your details and we will get back to you soon!

For additional registration information please contact, Chava: 054 – 7638010

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