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I used TAT. A wide range of complaints are treated: anxiety, depression, stress, and complicated cases like incest. In any case, TAT. Proof as a delicate and powerful tool, especially in the case of a woman who was raped as a child. We were able to reduce and resolve the trauma without returning the patient to painful memories, as happens with traditional therapies. A regular part of my job. T.A.T. Power to change without putting the patient in agony! "
Helen Togi
Clinical Psychologist
"TAT is a powerful therapy that gives rise to dramatic changes in trauma, allergies, fears, self-confidence, and self-loathing."
Lee Paul .D.Ph
clinical psychologist
"I have used TAT with great success in a variety of trauma types, such as: feelings of abandonment in adoption, fear of water, functioning in sports, anxieties, and separation from spouses. This technique has led to a significant turnaround and dramatic advances in treatment."
Hatter Pei
"I have used TAT in a wide range of patient complaints: anxiety, depression, stress, and complicated cases like incest. In any case, TAT has proven to be a delicate and powerful tool, especially in the case of a woman who was raped as a child. We succeeded. "Reduce and resolve the trauma without returning the patient to painful memories, as happens with traditional therapies. TAT has a fixed part in my work. TAT has the power to change without putting the patient in agony!"
Diane Key. Sigmund
Taps Shalom. I want to tell you that the Mexican Emergency Medical Association used TAT. In large groups of children (c. 1652) after natural disasters in Mexico (floods 1998-9), Nicaragua (floods and landslides 1999), Colombia (earthquake 1999) and Venezuela (floods and landslides, 1999). In addition, the TAT protocol. Used as an accompanying treatment for frontline service personnel in these countries (approximately 642 people). When we use TAT, most patients report high-level post-traumatic stress. Children and adults report a significant reduction in stress at the end of treatment. T.A.T. Is our favorite technique for reducing distress, because of the ease of training and application. For children we call TAT. "Magic hat" and teach the technique as part of a story. In the story, the children are the apprentice of the magician, and when they feel fear, they wear magic sets and feel better. Our team members also use TAT. To lower tensions. I also use TAT. Avoid disconnection. Regards,

Note: Dr. Jose Ignacio Herro has worked for many years with situation survivors Traumatic. His main patients suffer from: physical and mental violence, assault, Robbery, kidnapping, death of relatives, and natural disasters. Regarding his work with natural disaster survivors, Dr. Herro is the founder and president of Mexican Association of Emergency Therapy. This association is an association Private, which includes mental health workers trained in prevention and treatment Of traumatic distress. Trauma Treatment Team, led by Dr. Herrro, Volunteers in private time and professionalism to care for disaster survivors in Mexico, And in Central and South America. His team also trains emergency workers and workers at the scene of disasters to detect and prevent congestion Emotional, and continue to provide support services to casualties after the team leaves.
Ignazio Harro
Founder and president of the Mexican Association of Emergency Therapy
"A young woman witnessed a fatal car accident a year ago. Her car was miraculously saved from the accident. Since then, She forces herself to drive, but she is very nervous, both as a driver and as a passenger. We did T.T. In diagnostic treatment, three weeks ago. Today, she reported that her problem had passed. She succeeded Travel with her husband for a two-hour drive, and also drove herself. She said her husband was astonished, that this time The first one she did not scream while driving. "
Carolen Gould
Social Worker
"A 27-year-old man came to my office with complaints of insomnia, anxiety, dizziness, shortness of breath, and depression. Week Earlier, he was in a pub parking lot with two friends when something tried to run over them. His two friends They were seriously injured, but the man was slightly injured in the knee. But the emotional trauma was severe. He said he did not Can close eyes without seeing the event. I made him a TAT. And he reported a change. Suddenly he felt Tired, I let him sleep a little on the treatment table. When he got up, he said he felt completely normal. he He left another person's office. "
Peter Stage
I studied with Eliezer almost 18 years ago! That was a long time ago, and since then my life has changed. Not all at once, but steadily. I first came to him confused and broken, confused with feelings of inferiority; I felt fat and ugly, even though professionally I always succeeded in what I did. I was respected, I gave Torah lessons to women every week and I was successful in that as well because I knew how to hold the audience’s attention. Within my community, I was considered a good wife and a good and respected mother, and I always got along with everyone around me. All this did not help me to feel good about myself. So this is how I felt when I first came to Eliezer and Chava, and after I had been to psychologists and various other kinds of counseling, and this was the starting point of my current life. I obviously became excited with the technique. I was diagnosed with ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder with problems concentrating – in childhood, together with all the traumas that accompany a child with ADD, and like many children with ADD, I was considered gifted. Other major traumas were based in the child-rearing technique in the kibbutz where we grew up: from the age of two days, we lived in special houses for children, away from our parents with only a few hours visiting them daily. The traumas of being separated from my mother for too long, and every day having to develop trust in her anew, even if she was an excellent mother. Until the age of 10 I was connected to her with endless love and admiration, but when she abandoned me for two weeks and went to visit her family in France, I first developed angina the throat infection which, since then, reoccurred three or four times a year. The disease included excruciating pain in the throat and antibiotic treatment. Emotionally, I lost trust in my mother whom I loved and adored so much, and I became independent and raised myself. We were of the very few Sephardic families in the kibbutz, in an environment where most of its members were European, among them many Holocaust survivors. In a kibbutz, it is like being the only Ethiopian in a group of Swedes. My life changed from end to end, and even after the childhood traumas, my life continued to be very, very traumatic. But now, after Eliezer's treatment, and together with working on my personal traits, I value myself far more, and no one can take that away from me. I am extremely grateful to Eliezer and Chava, and thanks to them, of course, I am also a successful, qualified practitioner.
Hila Krispin
I’m really excited! About fifteen and a half years ago I studied TAT with Eliezer. I was a young girl and I did my internship with a woman who was a neighbor who I was friendly with. The same woman shared with me her strong desire to get pregnant but was very scared because she had gone through two pregnancies with preeclampsia, including hospitalizations and physical and emotional suffering. She felt that she could not go through it again and was extremely anxious. I shared with her that I was on an internship and I would be happy to work with her if she wanted to do so. We started the process, and it was amazing to see that after a few treatments, maybe eight, her anxiety completely disappeared and a few weeks later she told me that she had become pregnant. Thank God, the pregnancy progressed without problems, without hospitalization, and without preeclampsia. This was her personal redemption. The reason I'm telling you this is because today I met her son from that pregnancy. He's almost 15 years old. He's a teenager and very cute. Of course, he didn't know where I knew him from and I didn't say anything, but I was filled with satisfaction and thanked God for the privilege of being a good messenger for so many years. I walk around with a heart full of thanks to God for this work that I see as my mission.. Eliezer and Chava, thank you for bringing this amazing tool to Israel – it is a huge blessing. One often meets people, has some kind of interaction with them, and then we all move on. It is really wonderful to understand how much good this technique does and how effective it is.
Nechama Gamdani