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I have always searched for ways to help people and continue to look to improve them.

In 2000 we brought TAT® to Israel and since then have introduced other methods; we work with them all very successfully.

It is beautiful to see the healing and changes that occur in those who turn to us for help.

Evidence of the miraculous power of healing through TAT®
What led Eliezer to learn and use TAT®?

What is TAT?

About the method

TAT® is a technique that invites one’s true self to grow and flourish. It opens blockages and obstructions, frees anxieties, traumatic distress and stuck beliefs, and heals allergic reactions. TAT® is so strong that sometimes the feeling of peace, positive outlook, release, strength and self-confidence feel as though a miracle is taking place.
During the treatment, we touch various places on the skull and the back of the head to release energies, allowing them to flow better while connecting to related spoken sentences. TAT® is deep, simple and effective method, providing peace, calmness, health and empowerment within minutes.

With the approval and recommendation of respected rabbis.

Why TAT®?

TAT® releases the past and eliminates stuck beliefs that keep you from achieving what you want and deserve in life;

TAT® eradicates fears and phobias at their source;

TAT® heals the emotional aspects of physical illnesses and conditions;

TAT® stops the inner negative chatter that keeps you from creating the life you want;

TAT® helps with the hardships of weight loss and achieves weight loss maintenance;

TAT® overcomes addictions and allergies;

TAT® heals depression and eating disorders;

TAT® helps to heal from traumas rooted in natural disasters, terror attacks, sexual and other traumas and from PTSD;

TAT® improves shalom bayit and all kinds of relationship issues;

TAT® conquers learning disabilities

and much, much more

Why to come to us?

  • Dedicated and professional care: we have been counsling and coaching people for over forty years; we introduced TAT® to Israel in the year 2000, and since then have performed more than 40,000 TAT®  We work with love, sensitivity and understanding.
  • Customized care: treatment that is especially suited to your needs, yet without having to reveal difficult and personal issues. The treatment is conducted at a pace and in conditions that are especially tailored for you.
    TAT® is a tool that allows you to truly live life to its fullest; our treatment helps with a point problem, but will affect all areas of life!

We have seen a lot of miracles resulting from TAT® sessions!!

Feels he has arrived Time for a change
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Our Services

Treatment for Trauma
Relationship Counselling
Personal Meetings
Courses and workshops

In other words

TAT® and all the other techniques you find on my website may be used to heal or solve ANY problem you have.

Just call us for a personal meeting. We are always happy to help.

Therapists recommend methods

I used TAT®. A wide range of complaints are treated: anxiety, depression, stress, and complicated cases like incest. In any case, TAT®. Proof as a delicate and powerful tool, especially in the case of a woman who was raped as a child. We were able to reduce and resolve the trauma without returning the patient to painful memories, as happens with traditional therapies. A regular part of my job. T.A.T. Power to change without putting the patient in agony! "
Helen Togi
Clinical Psychologist
"TAT® is a powerful therapy that gives rise to dramatic changes in trauma, allergies, fears, self-confidence, and self-loathing."
Lee Paul .D.Ph
clinical psychologist
"I have used TAT® with great success in a variety of trauma types, such as: feelings of abandonment in adoption, fear of water, functioning in sports, anxieties, and separation from spouses. This technique has led to a significant turnaround and dramatic advances in treatment."
Hatter Pei
"I have used TAT® in a wide range of patient complaints: anxiety, depression, stress, and complicated cases like incest. In any case, TAT® has proven to be a delicate and powerful tool, especially in the case of a woman who was raped as a child. We succeeded. "Reduce and resolve the trauma without returning the patient to painful memories, as happens with traditional therapies. TAT® has a fixed part in my work. TAT® has the power to change without putting the patient in agony!"
Diane Key. Sigmund
Taps Shalom. I want to tell you that the Mexican Emergency Medical Association used TAT®. In large groups of children (c. 1652) after natural disasters in Mexico (floods 1998-9), Nicaragua (floods and landslides 1999), Colombia (earthquake 1999) and Venezuela (floods and landslides, 1999). In addition, the TAT® protocol. Used as an accompanying treatment for frontline service personnel in these countries (approximately 642 people). When we use TAT, most patients report high-level post-traumatic stress. Children and adults report a significant reduction in stress at the end of treatment. T.A.T. Is our favorite technique for reducing distress, because of the ease of training and application. For children we call TAT. "Magic hat" and teach the technique as part of a story. In the story, the children are the apprentice of the magician, and when they feel fear, they wear magic sets and feel better. Our team members also use TAT®. To lower tensions. I also use TAT. Avoid disconnection. Regards,

Note: Dr. Jose Ignacio Herro has worked for many years with situation survivors Traumatic. His main patients suffer from: physical and mental violence, assault, Robbery, kidnapping, death of relatives, and natural disasters. Regarding his work with natural disaster survivors, Dr. Herro is the founder and president of Mexican Association of Emergency Therapy. This association is an association Private, which includes mental health workers trained in prevention and treatment Of traumatic distress. Trauma Treatment Team, led by Dr. Herrro, Volunteers in private time and professionalism to care for disaster survivors in Mexico, And in Central and South America. His team also trains emergency workers and workers at the scene of disasters to detect and prevent congestion Emotional, and continue to provide support services to casualties after the team leaves.
Ignazio Harro
Founder and president of the Mexican Association of Emergency Therapy
"A young woman witnessed a fatal car accident a year ago. Her car was miraculously saved from the accident. Since then, She forces herself to drive, but she is very nervous, both as a driver and as a passenger. We did T.T. In diagnostic treatment, three weeks ago. Today, she reported that her problem had passed. She succeeded Travel with her husband for a two-hour drive, and also drove herself. She said her husband was astonished, that this time The first one she did not scream while driving. "
Carolen Gould
Social Worker
"A 27-year-old man came to my office with complaints of insomnia, anxiety, dizziness, shortness of breath, and depression. Week Earlier, he was in a pub parking lot with two friends when something tried to run over them. His two friends They were seriously injured, but the man was slightly injured in the knee. But the emotional trauma was severe. He said he did not Can close eyes without seeing the event. I made him a TAT. And he reported a change. Suddenly he felt Tired, I let him sleep a little on the treatment table. When he got up, he said he felt completely normal. he He left another person's office. "
Peter Stage

Professional articles

We invite you to attend healing sessions we deliver or learn the 

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Just published: Eliezer's new booklet - A New Explanation of Understanding the Relationship between Man and his Shepherd as Illustrated in Psalm 23. This booklet can help us understand how TAT can be helpful in healing many aspects of our lives; how to function properly and live under the protection of our Shepherd. Through TAT, a wonderful energetic technique, we can regain our ability to heal and feel comfortable in the shadow of God's staff and His support.

Everything you wanted to know and more

It depends upon the problems- between 1 and 30 meetings of 50 minutes each session. 

No; done is done. Sometimes a new aspect can come up that we have not worked on. 

No, it is very healthy. You gain strength with it

Like a conversation, during which you learn the technique yourself using your own life problems.

No. One small detail is enough!

No, by talking alone the negative feelings do not disappear, they only disappear by the energies you use on it! 

I work with men, women, and children

First of all, I help you to stop your learning traumas.Then I will give you new learning skills and techniques.

You do not need to talk about them. We can work on them anyhow. 

When you come to me, you get two things:
1) your traumas and fears are healed 
2) you go home with a self-help technique you can use the rest of your life. (This self-help technique can be used on almost anything, any problem, because it will not harm or hurt).

Sometimes we group several traumas together so we can work on much at the same time. 

Sometimes the person does not want to tell me what the trauma was about and still we can work on it. 

Sometimes a person cannot express himself and still we can work on it. We can work on every problem or trauma you have (incl udi ng improving midot, davening and learning. 

Sometimes I will cover a few periods of someone’s life in one time. 

There are also those little incidents in everyone’s life that repeat themselves. They are not what you would call “trauma”; however, they do have ingredients that are also present in a real trauma like: anger, hurt, frustration, pain, emotional distress, etc. Take for instance an angry person. A lot of events in his childhood (up to 16yrs old) have frustrated him. Today he gets angry about almost anything and it is not a normal anger – it is an outburst. 

When he gets angry today, all the little angry events are also speaking up. When we – by means of these techniques – clean up all of those negative events out of his childhood, he will be another person, a more peaceful person. 

TAT, EFT and EmoTranceT are techniques you can use for ANY problem you have. Just call me for a personal meeting or training

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