MET method

MET method

EFT or MET: What is the difference?

I first contacted Gary Craig, the originator of EFT, in the year 2000. I had heard about EFT and wanted to know more; in the United States and other countries everyone was talking about it but it had not yet reached Israel. Since I was an NLP Master Practitioner, I was doing a lot of work with NLP at that time.

Gary said to me:” Eliezer, you need to leave NLP because energy work is so much faster.” He told me that he had also worked in NLP, but said that this EFT was amazing. I ordered his courses and started studying EFT.

Yes it was amazing – in its time.

But over the years, more and more techniques have developed, and practitioners have started moving in different directions. In the year 2003 I met Silvia Hartmann who had also practiced EFT, was more experienced in it than I, and had found a new, exciting alternative.

She found a point that EFT never found!

What do I want to say here?

Modern Energy Tapping

Your body has a physical part – your flesh and bones. But inside your body there is another system, the energy system (energy body) that supports your physical body. We feel stress and troubles, and the energy system gets stuck. Consequently, we experience pains, frustrations, anger etc.

We start working with EFT and say, “Let’s tap on these problems“, but EFT stops at the point when the pain is healed. Let’s call it the 0 point ( see The SUE Scale -Subjective Units of Experience diagram below).

The pain had been at minus 10 and the healing on point is 0. So we are fine; according to EFT we heal at 0.

Now we introduce MET (Modern Energy Tapping) and we say that we need to continue because this is not enough: we have only gotten rid of the pain, but there is more –  our energy system has suffered, so only now can the healing begin.

We need to re-energize our energy and body systems until we reach +10.

What do we experience on the way to +10?

We feel real healing happening ; we become more positive, more motivated, more clear in the mind (our negative thoughts disappear),  and we feel a great power of real healing coming into us. It is amazing when we do this. When we reach the +10, we undergo an astounding threshold experience where a real healing takes place.

This is the wonder of MET.

Instead of tapping on negative problems like pain, frustration and anger as we do with EFT, MET is positive tapping.

I would like to add that I am presently the only certified trainer in Israel for energy methods such as MET, EMO Energy in Motion, Stress Management, Energy Coaching and other energy-based techniques.

The SUE Scale (Subjective Units of Experience)

I invite you to read Brenda’s story:

Brenda said she felt that the tapping was retraining her brain to focus on solutions and positive outcomes rather than on the negative expectations, outlook and worrying which had dogged her for so long.

When asked what she needed so as to feel better immediately, she replied that she was concerned about her nightly drinking as it was affecting not only how she felt when she woke in the mornings but also her relationship with her husband; he was concerned about her and he said she came out with silly talk after a few glasses of wine. Brenda felt that she deserved to have her few glasses of wine every night.

She also mentioned that she felt insecure in their relationship and that when her husband was away for business she would worry about him being with another woman, although she had no reason to suspect anything. She said that she remembered that when she was very young, her mother said that you can’t trust men when they’re away. She realized that she must have internalized this and that it had become a belief.

Brenda recalled that her nightly drinking started when she was 30. Her children were approximately two and four years old, and she was at home with them alone when her husband was away on business.

I asked what she needed to feel better. She replied that she needed to feel more relaxed and rational, more secure, trusting and independent. We tapped rounds on “relaxed and rational”, “secure”, “trusting”, “independent”, and the tapping evolved into “I can stay in the here and now and not worry about the future,” and “It’s obvious he loves me”.

She said the feeling of security felt like a warm red feeling in her heart, and that she felt more self-worth, more confident and independent and that her husband was lucky to have her.

Brenda felt happy and cheerful, and then chose to tap further on “beauty in myself” and “beautiful”.

When asked whether she still needed wine to relax, she said “absolutely not” and reported that she felt that the issue was +7 or +8 on the SUE scale.

Brenda said that in all she felt at +9 and that she was able to live in the here and now without worrying about the future and what may happen; that she was now able to enjoy and make the best of the present moment.

Eliezer Spetter

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