TAT and Forgiveness – forgiving is medicine

TAT and Forgiveness – forgiving is medicine

TAT and Forgivenessforgiving is medicine

Forgiving is sometimes very hard, but it helps you to heal totally. Here is a little explanation of the importance of forgiveness in day-to-day life and through TAT treatments

כל פוסל במומו פוסל

We look at the world and at people around us. As we look into a mirror, we see, in a sense, the reflection of ourselves in the eyes of another person, including those with whom we are angry and those who aggravate us. If we forgive someone, we will also heal his reflection inside of us.

Yes, we struggle a lot with forgiving — all of us. It is a an important issue connected with our lives, and healing – and consequently forgiving —  means we no longer hold on to the energetic connection with that person with whom we are angry. Therefore, forgiving is letting go of the reflection and releasing the energetic connection.

We now know from research that 90% of the things that we are angry about or the people with whom we are angry are incidents connected with someone or something from our past. It may be trauma, it may be beliefs, it may be any negative connection with our past. And what happens now, in the present, is a reminder of the past which we now relive. By forgiving all of these, as we do in TAT, we are actually healing all of these on a very deep and subconscious level.



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