I came to Eliezer after someone had recommended a treatment called TAT. I knew nothing about this or any similar technique. I came for treatment and did not understand exactly what would happen.

I was in an uncomfortable emotional state. We were about to be divorced and the situation at home was not pleasant. I felt as though I needed to get help as soon as possible.

I sat opposite Eliezer and we began the treatment. I remember that while talking and just doing the other things connected to the treatment, I felt really connected to very deep things – in my consciousness, my soul, my past, my life. Things that came up just overwhelmed me.

The first treatment helped me immensely. First of all by bringing some calm to myself, some composure. There was a feeling of healing, of a prayer for healing, a direct connection and full enjoyment of what I was experiencing  – and even though I had not said anything I felt connected to a source and tried to treat the root of my problems.

Then came the second, third and fourth meetings and I can honestly say that all this helped my relationship with my wife. I felt an enormous change in my attitude towards her. I remember that two days after a treatment, a week before the date that we were to be divorced, I suddenly said to my wife, “We have to go out for a meal together”. She did not understand what I was talking about, and then I explained that we should finish it all off in a pleasant manner, and not be mad at each other. To my astonishment even though she was cross with me she agreed. We sat in the restaurant and we had the most sincere conversation; the deepest things came out. I know that Eliezer and I had worked on my relationship with my wife and how she regards me. And it all proved itself in the most wonderful way. We had prayed for a miracle, and this miracle was the only thing that could save us.

I finally understood that all that I had worked on was for not only myself but also my spouse, and I gained from all of that.

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