Is TAT Really a Good Tool for me?

Is TAT Really a Good Tool for me?

Is TAT Really a Good Tool for me?

What does trauma do to our bodies?

Our bodies get stressed and tense. What does that do to us? It stops our energy from flowing, and when energy is stuck it causes pain, anger and sorrow. These can cause disturbances and malfunctions in our body functions and then we go to the doctor who gives us pills for pain. But does this solve the problem? No. We push the problem away and it will come back with pain at another spot at another time. So thus we continue with our lives; we want to live in the present and push our past away, not thinking what has been – we just focus on the here and now. But our bodies call us back through stress and tensions, reminding us not forget the past because the past is creeping up into our consciousness through these nasty pains.

Therefore, we need to heal now. But how? We have done everything to forget what happened, but the details of what happened are haunting us. It may be a little thing, but it also can be a big trauma.

Dr. Hamer has performed extensive research with 30,000 cancer patients to find out the causes of their illness. He discovered that all had undergone extremely serious traumas during their lives, and many of them had lost a close relative or friend.

As a result of these traumas, body energy becomes stuck and the trauma causes stress in the physical body; all kinds of feelings or emotions begin ruling our lives.

What are ACEs?

ACEs are adverse childhood experiences that harm children’s developing brains and lead to a change in how they respond to stress; they damage their immune systems so profoundly that the effects show up decades later. ACEs cause much of our burden of self-sabotaging patterns, chronic disease, most mental illness, and are the source of most violence.

​ACEs comes from the CDC-Kaiser Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, a groundbreaking public health study that discovered that childhood trauma leads to the adult onset of chronic diseases, depression and other mental illness, violence and being a victim of violence, as well as financial and social problems.

The eight ACEs the researchers measured:

  • Physical, sexual and verbal abuse.
  • Physical and emotional neglect.
  • A family member who is:

    • depressed or diagnosed with other mental illness;
    • addicted to alcohol or another substance;
    • in prison.
  • Witnessing a mother being abused.
  • Losing a parent through separation, divorce or other reason.​​​​

Subsequent to the ACE Study, other ACE surveys have expanded the types of ACEs to include racism, witnessing abuse of a sibling, witnessing violence outside the home, witnessing a father being abused by a mother, being bullied by a peer or adult, involvement in the foster care system, living in a war zone, living in an unsafe neighborhood, losing a family member to deportation, etc.

These can also cause our body to become sensitive to various foods such as sugar and processed foods which, in turn, may cause cancer. Here TAT comes in as a must to heal these traumas, and when we remove these processed foods from our diets and start eating real food (fruits and vegetables) we can heal ourselves. Healing ourselves from the hard things of life, including the bad foods, is in our control and is up to us.

TAT can be a great help for all of us to heal.

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