Happy Purim, Our life is a lie

Happy Purim, Our life is a lie

Happy Purim, Our life is a lie!!!

And how do we get out of this?

Wow!!! How do I dare say this? But you know it is true. We live a performance of trauma, acting in a drama. What we went through in our youth we continue now we are older – in the present. When our parents were young they raised us: sometimes they raised us in anger, sometimes with punishments that could sometimes be severe. Perhaps we received spankings or even beatings. Perhaps our parents ignored us or deserted us. They were sometimes harsh. We received hard and angry words, physical and verbal abuse. Sometimes they were sick and had terrible diseases; they went to hospital and we feared for their lives; we waited at home, not knowing what would happen to them. And there those of us who had parents who had suffered from traumas stemming from wars and the Shoah, the Holocaust, and others who suffered clinical depression or OCD.

I can go on with the misery that we as children had to endure, and even if there were very good parents, they still did things that we did not like.

And with all these things we created our survival behavior.

We still continue with this behavior and our marriage partner and our children have to deal with it: they need to create their own survival behaviors because of us. So we keep on creating new behaviors in order to survive generation after generation. Therefore, since this is not really how Hashem first created us, we are constantly performing in a drama that is really a lie.

So our greatest gift to ourselves should be that we heal ourselves and be how originally Hashem created us, and that Purim should be left to be that one day in the year – the day when it is allowed to celebrate and perform.

Yes we deserve to cleanse ourselves from the patterns and traumas with which we live. So come and make an appointment with us for TAT sessions to take off the masks that we live day by day.

You are welcome.

שתף את הפוסט

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