Meeting angry, nasty, violent and ignorant people!

Meeting angry, nasty, violent and ignorant people!

What has that got to do with me?

Yes we often meet people who we do not like and yet it happens again, it repeats itself.

You have those moments when you meet people who do not treat you nicely. Perhaps they often lie to you or treat you dishonestly, violently, evilly or stupidly. Perhaps they unjustly blame you a lot. All this certainly causes you a lot of pain. Some people who treat you such blame you for all that happens to them– as though you are a bad person.

Everyone’s life has mirrors reflecting what he has done to others. You will be meeting these mirrors many times throughout your life, and you may begin an inner search trying to find where and when you have done things to other people.

Most of us think that these behaviors and meetings just happen, that they are terrible, that we suffer, get over them and forget about them until we meet someone else who does it again.

Then my question to you is: do you see in these people some characteristics that you do not like yet it happens to you again and again? Do those same types keep on coming back to you?

This is not a coincidence; it is Hashem who is telling you that there is something that you need to heal. Those repeated messages tell you that in the past you have may be treated a person this way and now the bill is presented to you – it is time to do tikun.

What kind of tikun we can do? We need to heal whatever caused you to do things to others and may have forgotten.

We can heal this with TAT and can also ask forgiveness for the things that you have forgotten. I can tell you that people I have treated for this have healed and their lives have changed drastically.

שתף את הפוסט

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